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Valentines Day Gifts For Every Gal In Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

Valentines day gifts  may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the perfect Build-a-bear teddy bear, heart jewlery from Baublebar’s special collection r some out of the box ideas like creates as in Man Crates we have a gift suggestion for you.

If you are into the classics

Teddy bears and candles- two classic gifts that you can’t really go wrong with. 

Many people love a teddy bear for comfort, decoration. Not to mention Candles are a great addition to any gift- it just shows how much extra you think of someone when you throw in a second item.

That being said, it  makes sense for Build-a-bear to put them into a pre boxed gift called A Heart Box. They have a variety of them but the Romantic at heart Box has a teddy bear with a beautiful rose textured fur. But the fur is soft to the touch and perfect for cuddling.  The candle is 7oz and smells amazing. The scent isn’t overpowering but noticeable with a few notes which consist of red currant and cassis 


Baublebar has a collection called: The Hearts Collection that is just screaming Valentine’s day jewelry. They have a lot of different options depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for a semi precious stone they have a beautiful blush pink rose quartz heart. The picture on the website does not do this justice. It is a beautifully crafted smooth piece of quartz. It lays flat and works with 

If you want a heart pieces with a little sparkle and shine that match perfectly take a look at the Brittany Bracelet in clear and Etta earrings in gold. Both items have glass stones that sparkle in the light. What I like most about these is that the sparkle isn’t overpowering and doesn’t detract from an outfit but rather the adds to the glow of any look. 

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to match thier acessories to thier clothes the Renee bracelet has a multi color option. The hearts on the bracelet has colors that can match to a variety of colors/outfits.

But if you still aren’t sure go for the freshwaterpearl Elle necklace

The clasp is an s clasp and it lays beautifully. You can NEVER go wrong with pearls.

Out of the box ideas

Sometimes you want to get an out of the box gift so you might want to try a crate

Or rather Man Crates. They are curated gifts  for men that come in, you guessed it crates. Like actual I-need-a-crowbar-which-is-included-to-open-it type of crate. They have a variety of curated to choose from. However, if you’re looking for one to also be a fun date night check out the Microwave Mug Cake Crate. It comes with three flavors, two personalized mugs and salted caramel sauce-yum! 

Know a singer?

If you know someone who loves to sing or you do the best thing that can be done  you can gift them voice lessons with Claire Hosterman, she is an experience voice teacher based in LA. Hosterman has had students on many programs and networks including Nickelodeon and Disney. You can gift four or eight, one hour lessons- by going here to purchase. If she looks familiar it is probably because her sister is THE Dove Cameron 

Do you know a reader?  You need to send them A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space. I absolutely love this book. It has become a Bible of mine.  Eliza VanCort uses her knowledge as an experience working with CEOs and being a keynote speaker to give advice and about everything from job interviews to emails, helping women claim their spaces back.The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Shakespeare & Co. There is also an audio version narrated by Eliza on Audible. I promise you you will not regret giving this work. On her website she also sells merchandise such as clothing and mugs.

Beauty & Accessories

Loungefly has some amazing bags this winter that you have to check out.

First and foremost they have Lisa Frank items, everything from crossboges to wallets to  backpacks.  They are coming out with new styles all the time so you need to keep an eye out for that. The bags are well made and sturdy. All of them have unique designs to really bring the characters they feature to life such as ears physically standing outwards. 

Funko is beloved by many people. They make everything from figurines to games to key chains. They are a great and easy way to showcase an interest. They are super cute and vary in size from large figurines to ones that you can fit in your hands. There are Disney figurines to Marvel to even Avocados with Paka Paka Oddvocados. Items  start at $7 so you can’t really beat that.

If you know someone with a tattoo or planning on a tattoo you may just want to gift them some Mad Rabbit  items.They make caring for tattoos very easy. They have everything from a Daily Tattoo Lotion that not only moisturizes your skin but keeps the tattoo vibrant. It is smooth and non greasy.  

Beachwaver has some beautiful hair accessories just ripe for Valentines day. Their  Faux Pearl Velvet Headband in light pink– is a beautiful saturated blush pink that is sure to go with any outfit. They also have matching pink floral flower pins. They add a soft and beautiful touch to any hairdo. 

Nuskin has the ageLOC LumiSpa iO. It is a cleansing device that takes cleaning skin to a whole new level as when it’s connected with an app you get an all round better skin routine. It coaches you with a variety of  you to ensure that you are applying the correct pressure and are moving it correctly. It is an amazing piece of technology.

Regardless of who you’re buying for and what their interests are I hope you are able to find the gift you’re looking for.

Happy shopping!

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