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The Best Brunch Spots Near Stony Brook

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

There is no better feeling than meeting your best friends for a delicious brunch, and I am a huge food girl. Long Island is full of restaurants, with the melting pot of New York trickling onto the North and South Shores. Long Island is full of places to explore, making day trips from campus a great idea, especially as our campus is chilled during the gray season of winter. Near all of these brunch places are fun options of things to do after a bite to eat, with menus that feature something delicious for everyone and cozy drinks to warm your soul.

Whether you are a brunch purist looking for classics like eggs benedict or you want a latte as big as your head in crazy flavors like Lucky Charms or Chocolate Covered Strawberries – there is the perfect brunch spot for you. These are the best spots according to SBU students and me, of course. So grab your bestie and get ready to fest.

Druthers Coffee – Perfect for Something to Sip and a Place to Chill

The airy vibe of Druthers makes it perfect for a place to stop and chill for a bit. It’s a true coffeehouse with the scent of espresso ever present and a limited menu of baked goods and little bites. The vibe is the reason to hang at Druthers, its bright with huge windows and the options of both indoor and outdoor seating means the sun will shine on you wherever you are. Plus, its walking distance from campus. The baked goods are all made in house with recipes crafted by the owners. Because the menu and the vibe are both so casual this is the best place to have a coffee date, whether its with a bestie or your latest Bumble match, or even better – yourself.

My order: Oat Latte in a ceramic mug with a blood orange scone.

Brownstones – A True Brunch Spot

Okay, when you are ready for a true brunch with a mix of sweet ad savory served along side a mimosa, Brownstones is the place to go. Only a 10 minute drive from campus its the perfect little off campus adventure, especially since Island Thrift is across the street and theres nothing better than thrifting and brunch. The menu has a little of everything with waffles, pancakes, french toast and eggs in literally every style you could imagine. And it doesn’t stop there because they also have seasonal specials. Truly the best Eggs Benedict by campus.

My order: French Toast Bites to start and the Avocado BLT Eggs Benny.

Crazy Beans – A Crazy Good Spot

Want to try something new? Crazy Beans probably has nothing on their giant menu you have never tried before. And the business is female owned, by a Long Islander born and raised – how’s that for a local spot.Crazy Beans is known for their crazy drinks, plus a list of multiple specials monthly. With over 20 different syrup flavors you can customize your coffee to make your own signature drink. They also have a ton of sandwich and wrap options so if you are looking for more of a lunch option during your brunch you will definitely find something.

My order: Iced Coconut latte and a build your own omelette with avocado, spinach and cheese.

Soul Brew – You Had Me at Refill

If you are looking for a study spot that makes you feel like you are actually taking yourself on a self-care date, look no further then Soul Brew. The reason we all love it, refills of iced coffee and cold brew. On top of that, their menu features a good mix of sweet and savory options and fun sides like tater tots. For my pumpkin spice or gingerbread latte girlies, they have those flavors year-round, iconic IMHO. They don’t just have classic flavors, they are have crazy combos like Rainbow Cookie or seasonal drinks. Not a caffeine girl – try a Purple Haze, a lemonade with peaberry tea and coconut milk.

My order: Cold Brew (obvi) and the Quinoa Salad with chicken or their french toast special.

Bon Appetit Seawolves!

Julia is a national writer for Her Campus. While she writes for all verticals, her focus is the wellness section, bringing you everything you need to know about relationships, astrology, and the best ways to get down and dirty. Julia is a recent grad of Stony Brook University, where she studied journalism with a minor in women's studies. During her time at SBU, she was a VS PINK campus rep, and an active member of Her Campus @ SBU. When she isn't writing, you can find Julia reading a smutty romance novel, hitting up her local crystal shop, or thrifting with an iced oat milk latte in hand. She's a Capricorn (but you probably already knew that) and a practicing yogi.