T3's Lucea ID Straightener: A Hair Tool That Is Customized for You

Hair and hair tools are like Goldilocks and porridge—you need one that is just right for you. Why? If you use a tool that heats up too hot, you can damage your hair, but if it isn't hot enough it does nothing to your hair! This product changed the way I look at hair tools. I learned that I can have a customized hair experience in the comfort of my own home!

T3, a leading brand in hair tools, has taken customization to a whole new level. 

I—like many of you—love the way that a flat iron makes my hair feel: sleeker, smoother, easier to manage, and there are fewer knots, which is always a concern as I don't wash my hair every day. However, even with heat protection, hot tools can cause damage, so it is important to make sure to use a quality product that doesn't get too hot. Until now, heat tools have basically been one-size-fits-all. Even if a tool is made for damaged hair, there is more to customization than just that; for example, there is thickness and length to consider as well. T3 has recently released its Lucea 1'' Professional Straightening & Styling Flat Iron with touch interface.  

This product allows you to get a customized temperature for your hair by answering questions directed at determining the thickness (thin, medium, or thick), length (short, medium, or long), as well as any potential hair damage, such as if you’ve dyed your hair in the past! You also have the option to set the heat manually. This product is nothing like anything I, or even you (most likely), have tried before, so I do recommend you read the manual.

However, it is super easy to use!

Everything is done by touch, including turning the device on and off. There are no physical buttons, but it does vibrate when a command goes through, so it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it is the easiest thing in the world to use!

This hair tool also remembers the previous heat setting, so if you are the only one using the flat iron, you don't have to re-answer the hair-quiz questions every time. You literally just have to turn it on, and you can have a customized hair experience, just like that!

However, if multiple people are using the device, you do have the option to reset the heat setting every time. You know the tool is ready for use when the bars indicating heat level aren't blinking.

You may notice that on the sleeve of the device are pictures—these are examples of what the touch controls look like when the device is turned on. The only difference is that there is a blue glow that is behind the touch interface buttons/choices. From top to bottom, the 9, short, vertical bars represent heat. Underneath that, the 3 bars that become increasingly thick, represent hair thickness, while the wavy lines are the 3 hair length choices, and the lines with the brush in the middle represent hair damage. The circle with the line in the middle has a few functions, but essentially, it is how you know your heat setting is locked in. Lastly, of course, is the power button.

Now that I have gotten the technical information out of the way, let's get down to what happened when I actually used it!

One thing I noticed right away was how effective the temperature setting was on my hair. My hair only felt warm, but still became pin straight! Overheating my hair until it was too hot to touch was an issue I came across in other brands in the industry, even ones that claimed to automatically sense how much heat your hair needs. However, I did not experience this issue with the Lucea ID Flat Iron!

It also works quickly. There is no other way to put it. My hair only needed one stroke of the Lucea ID Flat Iron for it to become straight, shiny and smooth. It took me half as long to do my hair than usual!

I have used the Lucea ID Flat Iron a few times now, only taking the hair quiz once, and at no point has my hair felt fried or darkened, which can happen with improper heat settings! I could not be happier with the Lucea ID Flat Iron, and T3, because it is obvious that they put a lot of work into this product to ensure that their customers’ hair not only looks and feels good but is healthy both inside and out.

Lucea ID Flat Iron delivers on everything it promises. So, if you are someone who uses a flat iron every day, this product is worth every penny. If your hair is anything like mine you will notice an increase in hair health since you won't be using a higher temperature than you need, and because of how effective this product is in matching heat settings to your specific hair needs!