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Sustainable Brands and Products to Check Out This Month

Combining fashion and sustainability is something that many brands strive to do. It can be hard to know what brands or where to get sustainable fashion. It can range from shoes to bags to clothing. Here are a few companies where you can get sustainable fashion. Because there is nothing better than being socially conscious and fashionable. 

Rothy's is about as sustainable as a brand can get. For instance their bucket bags are made out of 100% recycled materials and a part of those materials include ocean bound plastics. The plastic is collected from within 30 miles of coastlines and marine environment. The knots on the bucket bags give them a cute marine vibe, however the material is some of the sturdiest recycled product I have seen. On the plus side the colors are beautiful and on trend- a bright yellow with a touch of this summer's it color, green.

Soft Serve Clothing is a brand that doesn't outright advertise that they are a sustainable company. They mostly advertise about how soft their clothing is as it was founded by their quest to make the softest clothing they could. Their sweatshirts are incredibly comfortable and soft. Their brand is not only eco friendly but put they support U.S. jobs as everything, including the yarn is manufactured in the U.S. How are they eco friendly/sustainable? Their fabric blends are made from organic cotton and recycled water bottles.

There are a lot more brands out there that are eco friendly/sustainable but, as I mentioned, it can be hard to find them. Behold is a website that features eco-friendly/sustainable brands and many of them are women owned. They "carefully select  and choose established and emerging brands that we find would be stylish and chic – but with sustainability, women-owned, BIPOC owned, etc." 

Some of the eco-friendly brands that Behold carries Aera, Avavav, Cariuma, Cesta Collective Ciao Lucia, Collina Strada and Merlette.

As you can see it doesn't matter if you what your style is. From high fashion to comfort to accessories, there are options that are sustainable and eco-friendly for everyone's taste. Hopefully I have helped you find some options  to make your search for sustainable/eco-friendly fashion and accessories as  easy as drinking tap water. 


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