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The Reason Why Summer 2021 Will Be One to Remember

I know I can’t be the only one who is counting down the days for it to be summer but why is it that we are all putting summer 2021 on such a high pedestal? I’ll tell you why. 

For those that don’t remember (although it would be extremely hard to forget), last summer, the entire country was stuck at home, with no sense of social gathering, looking outside our windows wishing we were at the beach or adventuring with our friends instead of stuck between four walls. A lot, if not all of us, only had our imagination to wonder and plan out exactly how summer would and could be, when quarantine was over.

Although Miss. Rona is still here, alive, and well, we are at a point where all those dreams that we had and fantasies of being outside and making plans at all hours of the day, is finally a possibility. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a handful of activities that are not a possibility just yet, but the number of activities that are available for us to do now is amazing!

For starters, one of the most humane yet best activities to do in the summer, is the beach. Not only is going to the beach and spending the entire day there a blessing to our pockets, but it's such a great way to focus on spending time with those you love without the outside world being such a distraction. Being in the ocean and just knowing that a year ago, even swimming with the waves and being on the same sand as others was completely against society and even the law in some areas, is now allowed and possible to do, why not take complete advantage?

Now this one is for the woman who love brunch as much as I do. But brunch is always a great summer activity that can be dragged along for the entire year. Brunch in the summer is probably one of the best activities to do if you just want to wear that dress in your closet that you haven’t had an occasion for yet. Better yet, a good brunch means good food and in New York, there’s a good brunch location in almost every corner. So why not take full advantage?

Anyways ladies, my point is that this summer, will be one for the books. It will be adventurous, it will be liberating, and it will be so much more. But at the end of the day, the only person that can decide how amazing this summer will be is you. 

Welcome! My name is Jasmine Cruz and I am a junior at Stony Brook. I am a Political Science major with the intent to go to law school after. I love to write and make others feel empowered as well as feeling all sorts of emotions with my writing. Thanks for reading !
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