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Olivia Banting: How to Become a Pipette

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

Name: Olivia Banting

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pre-med


How it All Started:

I am of the fortunate few that get a roommate like Olivia Banting –complete with passion, personality, and perfect pitch. Saying she played a big part (pun intended) in her high school is an understatement, but saying that she’s lost her touch in college is even less so. Before she even began her Fall semester here at Stony Brook, she made sure to scope out the musical scene on campus. To her delight she found none other than the beautiful ladies at Stony Brook Pipettes. Though she didn’t intend to pursue singing as a career she knew that she wanted to keep her passion in life and reached out to them directly at sbpipettes@gmail.com. The affection was by no means one sided as they too perused her social media. By the time they officially met at the involvement fair it was as if they already knew each other!

The Process: 

Auditions were nothing new for Olivia, but what she didn’t anticipate was how inviting all of the singers were. Instead of only meeting just the president/vice president, each member was present during the auditions process, giving them each the chance to voice their own opinions on the candidates. This sense of community is one that they’ve built over the course of “boot camp” as “babies,” in which they were not only taught the new music, but also taught how to form such strong sisterly bonds. This year’s audition will be held on September 15th and 18th from 8:00-10:00 at Tabler Arts Center.

What to Expect: 

Being a Pipette is a commitment worth keeping because it is more than just a club; it means being surrounded by girls who are like older sisters (almost like a mini sorority). Without this opportunity Olivia couldn’t have imagined having the chance to meet girls from all kinds of backgrounds; of different ages, majors, or even cultures. But despite their differences they all share their love of music and love for each other. They spend hours together, practicing for gigs on campus (Seawolves Showcase, club events, and concerts) as well as off campus gigs (at the JCC in the city). And let’s not forget that they participated in the ICCA’s not too long ago and are hoping to do so once again.

What to Love:

The real question is, what’s not to? Olivia’s two favorite moments are of their first and last performances last year. Having performed at Seawolves Showcase on the stage in front of Staller Steps, being filled with adrenaline and excitement, as well as pride –nothing can replace it. And though the last performance was one in which they bid adieu to the graduating members, she still shed tears of happiness because she felt blessed to having shared a stage with her beautiful sisters. But I assure you, graduating does not mean leaving. No, in fact, their bond is so strong that they always come back to visit and even come back to perform their alumni number because after all no matter where a Pipette goes, no matter how far or how long ago they left Stony Brook –they have not left the hearts of each other.

Because in their minds each sister will…

“Always Be My Baby.”

Find SB Pipettes on:



Snapchat: sbpipettes

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