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NFT Changing the Game for Women—Literally…

For those of you that don’t know, NFT, non-fungible token, has become predominantly more focused on creating an area geared towards and for the representation of women. NFT is a digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items like art, video clips, music, and so much more. 

The World of Women was created in the NFT art space to empower women through art and promote diversity. To break it down, the World of Women consists of 10,000 randomly generated rare digital collectibles. The creator of each piece of digital art for this project, Yam Karkai, created each digital piece by hand using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. Yes, you read that correctly, she drew each digital World of Women NFT by hand.

So, what’s the big deal? People create digital art of women all the time, right?

Wrong! In the World of Women in NFT, anyone can save an 800×800 PNG of the file, but you can only unlock the highest resolution of 4000×4000 version by owning the digital file. Owning the file gives you the access to not only download the digital art in its highest resolution form but to print the art that you now own as well!

How do you own a “World of Women” NFT?

Now, I won’t get into the specifics that involve information about cryptocurrency, but for my intelligent and empowered women, you can buy any World of Women NFT by opening a fund in a cryptocurrency wallet on an NFT marketplace. Some of the World of Women NFT’s are going for as much as $306k, but the median price for World of Women NFT is about $8.6k.

Do it for the cause!

Since the World of Women NFT is all about empowering women through art and diversity, they found it fitting to not only support and empower women through a digital platform but in-person as well! With this in mind, the World of Women decided to donate 2.5% of all of their primary sales to different non-profit organizations that serve to help women in any way possible. “She’s the First” is one of the organizations that the World of Women donates to. This organization is dedicated to supporting women and young girls that will be the first in their families to graduate high school and mentor them to become leaders within their communities. Another organization that they donate to is one called “Too Young to Wed”. This organization is dedicated to working in areas where child marriage is more commonplace and unreported, e.g., Kenya, Yemen, India, Nepal, etc. They help families that are seeking asylum by facilitating the accession of visas, air travel, safe housing, etc. 

Overall, the World of Women in NFT champions a great cause by supporting the creativity of women and encouraging them to roam freely with no limitations on their artistic expression. Women supporting other women does not always come in the form of liking a picture on Instagram or complimenting their hair, but can also be done by supporting their artistic freedom—the NFT World of Women does just that.

Welcome! My name is Jasmine Cruz and I am a junior at Stony Brook. I am a Political Science major with the intent to go to law school after. I love to write and make others feel empowered as well as feeling all sorts of emotions with my writing. Thanks for reading !
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