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So, you’re traveling it could be an hour or be 6 hours either way you are traveling and it’s not always here so I got a list of some travel-friendly items that can help you bring the comfort of home with you without bringing everything and the kitchen sink.

Travel Pillow Cube.

I’ve talked about the Pillow Cube before. It stood out to me for many reasons, but the main one is that your head doesn’t sink and lets your head/neck stay in line with your shoulder if you are a side sleeper. But now they have come out with a travel size that does exactly the same thing as the full size but it comes in a little travel bag, making it easy to bring on planes and to use it wherever you’re going.

 Real Techniques

Real Techniques are known for their quality, but what appealed to me about these products is the shape. It is a mirror with an applicator that works for a powder and liquid. It is oval-shaped, and that oval is tapered fairly well, coming to a point that makes it easy to blend into the small creases. They also just released a mini version that lets you get into even smaller detailed areas. It comes in a pack of 3 or 6 and can do everything that the full size can do. Plus, it’s adorable looking and I’m a sucker for cute items. While the case doesn’t have a spot for them like it does the full size, there is more than enough room to put two mini ones in the case. They came out with the mini miracle powder puff trio and the mini miracle concealer puff trio. 


Ecotools recently came out with brushes and they have a Mini Detangler for shine on the go, as well as a Travel Detangler. They fit the bill for this article as they include travel or on-the-go in their name. What stood out to me about this brush is that it is heat resistant up to 240 degrees. A lot of travel brushes don’t allow that. I’ve seen other brands have travel brushes that specifically say don’t use with heat, so the fact all the brushes I’ve seen in the like say you can use it with heat is a real draw for me. 

DIBS Beauty

They have some great travel-ready items. Their Desert Island Duo has blush on one size and bronzer stick on the other. The fact that it’s a two-in-one drew me in. Having one item instead of two to travel with is a time and space saver. Something else that drew me in was that they have 9 different combinations, allowing people with different skin tones to get the right shade. Lastly, I found these to be easy to use. I found them to be extremely blendable regardless if I used my fingers or a brush. It can be hard to travel with skin products. I’ve found the best thing to do is to try to find a travel size or an all-in-one.

Another all-in-one item that really stood out to me is The Outset’s Botanical Barrier Rescue Balm. It can be used on your face, lips, and body. What appealed to me about this balm besides the fact that you don’t need to carry around 3 different moisturizers, is that it was very moisturizing without feeling heavy. I also liked that it seemed to give a little glow, a slightly dewy look. It comes in a tin that fits in a pocket very easily. 

Another product that I thought you might be interested in is the Care(e). You have a nice zip bag and inside it contains a hand sanitizer and a facial moisturizer. The hand sanitizer has a scent of lavender and while I am not one for scented items I found this scent to be light and very soothing.  The moisturizer it comes with is for overnight but I found it’s great to use during the day. It is very moisturizing and also has a light scent of lavender that I found to be soothing and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. These are travel-sized and are great for planes. I know a few people who, besides making sure their hands are moisturized, have to have cuticle oil for their nails.

If you are one of those people a great travel option for you is Essie’s apricot oil. What appealed to me, and my friends, about this is that it comes in a rollerball applicator and it is about the size of a lip gloss making It easy to fit in your pocket. What I also like about this is that because of the rollerball applicator, you can also easily apply the apricot oil on your hands. This appeals to me because I have found that apricot oil helps my hands as well. 

Silk’n LED Face Mask 100

This face mask is easy to use, has four settings, and is travel-friendly. One of the things that drew me to this product was the multiple settings. The settings include red light, for the production of collagen and tightening the skin, blue light for acne-prone skin and to reduce oil secretion, and Infrared, helping to increase the moisture level of the skin and improve skin roughness, and mixed light to help improve skin imperfections and also contain anti-inflammatory benefits. Another reason this item stood out to me is that it is travel-friendly. You’re not plugged into an outlet waiting for the treatment to end. Lastly, it stood out to me because I saw a positive impact on my skin almost immediately. I was very impressed with this. 

VS Pink has a Mini Nylon Sling backpack. What drew me to this bag was that it is big enough to hold essentials and a water bottle without being too bulky. Another reason is that it is a great fit for the tennis core/pickleball aesthetic that is currently popular. The bag has an ivy leaf around a P. Ivy leaves work well with preparation as ivy leaves are often associated with the cost of arms and prep schools. I also think this is a great alternative to fanny packs which are slowly making their way out of fashion.

Ulta’s Universal Cosmetic Pencil 5-Hole Sharpener is a must-carry. What drew me to this sharpener is that it has five different sizes for you to choose from. So, instead of carrying around a different sharpener for every single size, it compacts them. I also was drawn to how easy it is to clean as the top and bottom snap on and off. Simply put, it just makes it easy.

If you are someone who uses humidifiers then you may want to check out Canopy’s portable humidifier. What drew me to this humidifier was the fact that it doesn’t require you to keep it plugged into an outlet or USB port. It runs off a battery and you pour water in the tank for it instead, as opposed to other travel humidifiers where you stick it in a bottle of water so it’s less likely to spill. It also has a very convenient travel lock. Headphones. If nothing else Headphones are perfect for avoiding talking to the person next to you regardless if it’s a plane, train, or bus. It’s a tactic I’ve used multiple times and it has yet to fail me.

If you are traveling for a while and/or have trouble sleeping when traveling because of noise, noise-canceling headphones are great to have. What stood out to me for noise canceling headphones is Crusher ANC 2. It stood out to me because of the various features it had. I also decided to include it because the sound I heard through this headphone was a lot clearer, and other large headphones as well as headphones that acted as noise canceling.

I hope this list gave you some help in packing for whatever traveling you’re doing this summer!

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