Morgan Vaughn: "I want to be the everyday hero"

Name: Morgan Vaughn

Year: Senior

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Long Island, NY


What made you want to work with people who have disabilities?

Morgan: "I have always known that I had a good heart; between volunteering at nursing homes and animal shelters, too, as examples. I really fell in love with working with people with disabilities when I dated and fell in love with a guy at Stony Brook who was disabled. His courage to make every day a positive one encouraged me to help others just like him. They aren't just people with disabilities, they are people." 

Can you explain what a Community Rehabilitation specialist is and what you do?

Morgan: "A community rehabilitation specialist is a person who interacts with individuals and helps them to lead a productive life. I assist can assist with social skills, independent living, and making every day a positive day. My job is to make sure all my consumers get the best life they can hope, dream, and shoot for." 

What is your favorite part of your job?

Morgan: "My favorite part has to be the personal connections I make with my individuals. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you have made a person's life better. I love to see my consumers go out and achieve everything they thought they couldn't reach." 

What do you hope to accomplish after graduation?

Morgan: "After graduation, I am hoping to land that standard full-time job just like everyone else. The real personal thing I hope to accomplish after graduation is to expand the ways I help. I want more individuals at my job so I can make a difference in their lives. I want to be the everyday hero…. Even if it is just for one person." 

Looking back, do you have a favorite Stony Brook Moment?

Morgan: "On man. My favorite moment is a lot of things. I would have to choose between making friends who have turned into family, professors who have seen me at my lowest but encouraged me to move forward, and also finding the guy I fell in love with who started this amazing journey for me. My favorite moment has to be looking back on all the amazing people who have been there from the start to help me along the way; who showed me to help others."