Meeting Someone on the Internet

There are many comments people make (myself included) about meeting someone on the internet. For me, the most common thing to think of is “what if he’s a serial killer?” But there are also assumptions that come with people seeing someone on the internet. 

Let’s see…

I have a couple of friends who use the Tinder app. What came to your mind when I said that? I don’t know about you, but my assumption was “they’re just looking for a one nightstand.” And truth be told some of them say it; they say ‘I don’t date’… and so I assumed this to be true for every person who uses dating apps, male or female.


Now, let me tell you a short funny story.

A couple of months ago, a friend and I opened Tinder accounts just to check out how it works and you know, have a little bit of fun, just to see what people say and stuff. After a couple of swipes left and right, my friend matched with a guy who texted something like “Damn, you’re just…” and this GIF attached:

She ignored him because we didn’t actually wanted to talk to anyone. We were just there for the laughs, you know.

Since we were having our fun, a couple of swipes left and right I told her ‘Oh, look is the same guy’ so I swiped and we matched. Guess what? Yeah, you’re right. He sent me the same line with the same gif. 

I mean, his originality... great! 

Here’s where my other assumptions came from about dating apps, and actually something I heard people saying a lot; “Dating apps are for desperate people.” 

No offense if you use dating apps but yes, I  used to think that and yes, I’ve heard this a lot. I used to think they’re just used for “booty calls” and “d*ck appointments."

But here’s the thing… Aren’t dating apps the same as someone sliding into your DMs? 

Yes… but nope!

“What? Explain yourself!”

Well, I was reading this article, and they ask how did it work out for them to slides into someone’s dms and this were the two responses that caught my attention the most. 

“... meeting people on social media allows for a different first impression...they see a wider view of your life. A lot of people pretend to be something they’re not on dating sites. I like to think that I am who I say I am, and you can see that once you get to know me...”

And I agree 100% 

Yes, many people pretend to be someone they’re not on social media too but because most of them make post stories of their daily life you can have a better view of who they really are. Don’t you think? I mean, all you see in a dating app is a couple of pictures and a short bio. Dating apps don’t have stories, or am I behind and they do have them now? I don’t think so. 

The other response says, 

“I think Twitter is better than meeting people through dating apps. People are more genuine and share more about themselves. You get to know their personality more than just their looks.”

My twitter used to be my diary. No one knew about it so I’ll post pretty much anything, but then I started following people I knew and I get followed by people I knew in real life, so I stopped a little bit, but I still shared things that I believe most people go through and that can be an interesting topic to tweet about or just anything silly that comes to my mind when I get bored at work. Lol.



With all that being said, if you slide into someone’s DMs don’t be creepy. If you don’t get a response, remember -  not getting an answer is, indeed, an answer. Also, if someone slides into your DM and after a while you’re not feeling it, don’t be rude about it. Always be kind, even if its someone you’ll never see in your whole life. 

After all that, and me turning this into what social media is better, let’s play never have I ever. 

Have you ever slide into someone’s DMs? I’ll drink!