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A Letter From the Single Ladies

Let me clarify: we are not looking for our missing halves.That would imply that we are missing something to begin with. We are not. We are independent and we are strong because believe it or not we have made it this far without you and plan on continuing to do so -with or without you. If anything we quite enjoy our singledom, choosing when to float around as a social butterfly and when to catch alone time in our cocoons, but as of late we have begun to wonder what a relationship could mean. Thus far, most of our ventures can be summed up by words being drowned out by music and smiles masked behind plumes of smoke. Once the crowd disappears no one is to be found. Maybe a relationship means that for once someone stays.

We are not looking for a knight in shining armor.

We do not need anyone to save us or to fix us. In fact, we want the opposite. Remind us that we are human, that we are young, that it is okay for us to make mistakes despite what others tell us. Make us irrational and emotional; throwing caution to the wind. Distract us so that we do not go about our day to day like some mundane routine. When I used to work at Hollister I would pray that a rhinoceros knocked through the front entrance right into my neatly piled stack of clothes, just so I would have something to do. Our lives are like that, so arranged and coordinated that we hope something spontaneous will come barrelling into our lives. At times we can make it through a whole day from work to class to an internship -all on autopilot. Maybe we will begin to notice the little things.

We do not want a pure love.​
Brand us as sinners instead. We will be greedy for your affection; gluttonous for your sugar-coated words, and envious that you can literally light up the world with a smile. We will lie in bed with you for hours, lost in sloth because we would do anything to stay in this moment forever. On days that we feel anger we will struggle, but undoubtedly rediscover our love for you. Your achievements will be a source of our pride and in a world where it is taboo for a woman to be so forward. We will openly lust for you and more importantly lust for life.

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