Justine Josue: USG's New VP of Communications

Count me among the lucky few who get to meet their woman crush. Justine Josue, our newest Vice President of Communications, has officially joined the executive council of USG. Starting out as a biology major on the pre-med track, she was attracted to the prestige of a research university; along with its location in New York, where she could stay close to her family. Because for Justine, “family is a big part of [her] life.” Just take a look at how she adores her two younger brothers. “Most siblings have a friendship dynamic. For me, they’re almost like my sons. I always wonder what they’re doing.” The way her eyes light up when she describes their daily exchange of emails is hard to miss. Besides those two munchkins, she never fails to smile when it comes to the video of a baby covered in peanut butter. Personally, I’m a sucker for babies sucking on lemons for a laugh, but this is definitely a close second.​

A video that definitely got her class laughing was one that Justine had filmed and directed herself, in a documentary starring her adorable pet hamster. Seeing that most other people chose either friends or themselves, it became clear to me that Justine was not afraid to think outside the box. She cultivates this creativity by disciplining herself to write a piece every week or so; a practice necessary for a dedicated Statesman writer. After transferring into the School of Journalism with a political science minor and pre-law track, she fell in love with “looking for connections and associations,” in everyday life as though she were “solving a puzzle.”

IIt was through these articles that Cole Lee, our current undergraduate student body president, realized what USG was missing. Because as an informed student, journalist, and future lawyer, she is not only unafraid of exposing the truth, but also eager to represent “the voice of the students.” Her articles are often deemed as controversial for their unabashed honesty. In them, she discusses topics such as our professors being ranked among the worst and the lack of information surrounding the newly installed pool. So despite having never previously served as a member of USG, she agreed to run for the position.

She did not do so, however, without first reaching out to the current VP of communications because she wanted to know for sure that “she was the best fit.” To her surprise, despite it being the week before elections, she was told that she was the first to ask about what it truly entailed to take on this important role. To hear that sparked a desire to ensure that the role was filled by someone who was truly dedicated— so dedicated she would be. Her ultimate goal is to bring the level of “transparency and accountability from journalism” into our student government.

Because ultimately this campus has become her home. Though she moved from Jersey and now lives in Long Island, she has actually spent more time living on campus than she has lived in her own home. Whether it be performing with the TYS Dance Team, serving on the Dewey Hall Council or managing the Pre-Law Society as marketing director; she has fully immersed herself within the Stony Brook community and has every intention of not only embracing it but also improving it. When asked what advice she would give to a new student joining our Seawolves pack, she emphasized, “The voice in your head that says ‘you’re not good enough’ isn’t your friend. So don’t let it stop you. Strive for higher.”