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We all have hair on our body and our face. If you have ever had unwanted hair on your face like above your lip I feel your pain, especially if you’ve waxed. I’ve waxed, I’ve shaved and plucked and I’ve even tried laser. Yep. There is nothing wrong with having body hair and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it because it’s normal. That being said, I know a lot of people who don’t want to have it who go to great lengths to get it removed and some very costly lengths or try to remove it completely with laser treatments. 

I recently came across FOREO’s PEACH 2, an at-home hair removal device. A few things drew me to this product, including the price, which at the time of publishing $390- a fraction of what laser hair removal costs, you can do it anytime, anywhere. I am inclined to explain this isn’t a laser, it is something called IPL. What is IPL and how does it work? According to FOREO’s blog IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light, “Is a treatment that uses strong yet gentle pulses of light to offer long-term, visible hair removal. The light pulses force the root of the hair to go into a resting phase–which means the hair you have in the treated area falls out, and over time, your body gradually grows less hair there” How does it work? “The light pulses are absorbed by the pigment in the hair (called melanin). When this happens, the energy buildup converts to heat–similar to a black T-shirt on a sunny day. As the heat travels down the hair, it causes heat damage to the hair follicle and disables the cells that produce new hairs, resulting in smooth, hair-free skin for you.”

 I was also drawn to it because you can use it on your body and face. Similar products I’ve seen have a different product for their face, so for me, I thought it was a great 2-for-1. 

I found it was very easy to use. 

I needed to prep my skin ahead of time to make sure it was clean and shaved. Then apply the cooling prep gel. A little goes a long way with the cooling prep gel. It is recommended you use it. For me, it was/is a must-have so I wouldn’t miss it. When I didn’t use it, I noticed my skin would get irritated.

Before using it, you have to register the device with FOREO. It’s a quick process on the app. After logging in or signing up, you just need to scan the code on the side of the box and then you can begin using it. You don’t need to use the app to use the device.

When you plug the power chord in, it turns on. After that, you need to decide how strong you want this to be. There are various degrees of strength. When I chose the highest, I did need to take more breaks, as it would occasionally get too hot for me. You need to make sure the head on the device is flat on your skin, otherwise it won’t work. Lastly, you just need to push the top button, activating the IPL as you either glide the device across your skin or place it in spots. If you are gliding it across your skin, you can also press down and hold the button so the IPL goes off; they recommend you only use that in larger areas.

Another big draw for me was how fast the treatments are. I wasn’t using the device over a large area and obviously the bigger the area, the longer it takes. But instead, if it was a half hour or 45 minutes (or more), it took me less than 5 minutes. That was another draw for me as you can do it on your own time and if you get interrupted, you can finish the treatment later that day or the day later. 

Why do I like it so much? I’ve tried numerous other items, including cold cream at beauty stores, but this is the first time that I saw the results the company said I would. They say you see visible results after 2 weeks, which I found to be completely true, making me very, very happy. They say 6 weeks in you will find a reduction of hair. 

 I didn’t see results like this with laser treatments. And, if you’re trying to get rid of dark hair on your face, the sooner the better, in my opinion. They say in 6 weeks you will see a reduction in hair growth, which I found to be true. I’ve found less hair growing in a lot of spots as I also am testing this out on my underarms as well. 

They do say after 12 weeks; you see the best results. While I haven’t used it for 12 weeks, I am already seeing results that are better than the laser treatments I have tried. This also took only a few minutes. 

They advise that not everyone is a candidate for this device and it is best suited for dark, coarse hair. I also like how they include in the instruction manual what to do if certain things occur during the use including irritations. 

All in all, I loved the device. It had a lot of great draws for me including the price, being able to do it at home on my schedule. The biggest reason why I’m sharing my experience is that it is something that is working really well for me. This is a topic people don’t talk about or share their experiences with. If you do have unwanted hair, there’s no shame in it and you’re not alone. It can be very embarrassing. I think for people who suffer from unwanted hair, people who just don’t want to deal with continuous shaving or waxing, this is an effective and economical choice. Plus, graduation season is around the corner, so it’s a nice thing to put on your graduation wish list.

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