Huda Beauty's #BombBrows is the Bomb!

Hello, My name is Elizabeth and I used to overpluck. Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest! I wasn't always the beauty guru that I am now. Back in the day, I had a bad overplucking habit, my arch wasn't right, and I swear I could never fix the tail of my brow. Do NOT even get me started on those tiny hairs that I can't see unless I am looking in the car mirror. 

So when I'm having my brow-related issues, I naturally want to regrow and re-fill. While so many people are constantly trying to regrow their brows, it can be a frustrating process oftentimes taking more than a month. So while you are waiting, if you're like me, you want to fill in your brows with makeup. I personally have brows that don't match one another and on top of that, I struggle to have a good arch. So when I mess up with tweezers, it's important that I have a good brow pencil on hand. Additionally, I always try to go for the natural look, but it was difficult to find the right product with the selection of products that were on the market. All of the products I've tried in the past were either too waxy, had zero pigmentation, or were too smudgy and made me look like I put brown sharpie all over my face. Basically, all of the big brow brands on the market- most notably Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit- seemed to always be releasing new products, but really they were just repacking old ones. Needless to say, nothing helped.  

2021, however, brought Huda Beauty to the brow table and they not only took a seat but they brought the whole table. Huda's #BombBrows Microschade Brow Pencil will change your brows' life!  On another note, being that it is also Women’s History Month, I find it prudent to not just mention Huda Kattan and her revolutionary new brow product but her brand as well. It contains more than just beauty, skin, and fragrance; it also contains newsletters and blogs with tons of interactivity.  Huda has really created a media empire. She started her blog in 2010 and her brand in 2013. According to her website, after enrolling in beauty training school and having a few A-list celebrities and royal family members as clients, she started a blog, followed by a YouTube channel and Instagram. Later, with the help of her sisters, Mona and Alya, she launched her own faux lash products that were sold at Sephora and The Dubai Mall. The rest is history or should I say herstory. 

Back to brows:  Huda's #BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil

This pencil is small but mighty. When I initially saw how small this brow pencil was I become nervous thinking that it would break, however, it did not. I tried pressing hard and it didn't even smudge. The Ultra-fine tip is .09mm, which is about the size of a pencil tip. The box states that it is waterproof, smudge-proof, and lasts for 24 hours. I found all of that to be 100% true. 

There is even color throughout the strokes.   Huda's #BombBrow new brow pencil goes on smooth and even. From start to finish, the strokes look exactly the same without a heavy spot where you start. You no longer have to be precise with the specific angle or pressure with which you apply your brows. This product does all of the work for you; there isn't a way you can mess up using this pencil.

Great for filling in.  If your brows need a little filling in, this pencil gives a wonderfully natural look. It isn't waxy or smudgy and it provides thin, evenly-colored, and evenly-dispersed strokes. The fact that it isn't waxy makes it easy to build color, so if you like to take your time doing your brows, you can do it stroke by stroke. Huda looks more natural than any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills or Benefit products I've tried on the market. 

Perfect for starters. Hey, we all need to start doing our brows somehow, sometime, and somewhere. This is perfect for those new to the beauty world. On top of that, it is also great for those getting on in their years for the same reason: the pencil isn't waxy and makes clean thin strokes giving you a lot of leeway for correcting any mistakes. 

Shady. Sometimes with new products, it can be hard to match shades, even more so now that there are no testers available in stores. These colors, however, are comparable to Anastasia Beverly Hill and Benefit brow colors, so whatever Huda shades you get, they will most likely work for you. I did just that and it worked like a charm! Huda also conveniently has an article on their blog dedicated to how to pick your perfect shade.

Huda's newest brow pencil has changed the brow marketplace. With a thin pencil that goes on smoothly, is buildable, and doesn't smudge, Huda is sure to become a fast favorite for brow lovers everywhere.