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HCSB: Hey Kiki! Thanks so much for answering our questions. A lot of our readers want to know if Kappa Beta Gamma is underground? Is KBG part of National Panhellenic Conference?

Kiki: "BG is not underground and not part of NPC. We are a legitimate, recognized chapter of Kappa Beta Gamma International Sorority and we are independent from NPC."

HCSB: This was a popular one. What is Rush/Recruitment?

Kiki: "Rush gives us an opportunity to get to know girls who want to get to know us in a social setting."

HCSB: How long is rush for KBG? Is it only for freshmen? Does age matter?

Kiki: "Rush is 3 weeks long and age does not matter! We have had girls join our organization as first and second semester juniors. We welcome girls of all ages in college!"

HCSB: That’s good to hear! How would girls ask to participate in rush?

Kiki: "You can contact any sister of our organization, DM us on Instagram or Facebook, or reach out to our Recruitment Chair Loryn Fouse!"

HCSB: Do you have tips for girls who are nervous about rush/recruitment?

Kiki: "Go in with no expectations or stereotypical preconceptions. Go in with an open mind and have fun! Just like you, we are here to make friends, so talk to us as you would your own friends!"

HCSB: There is a lot of talk about hazing when it comes to talking about greek life. Many readers want to know, do you guys haze?

Kiki: "No. We have pledged as a chapter to never haze. Like other sororities, we require our potential new members to learn our history, but no hazing is involved."

HCSB: Another popular comment on pledging is that it will affect your academics. One reader asks, Is it true pledging with mess up your GPA?

Kiki: "We make sure our potential new members (PNM's) stay up to date with school by assigning study hours, which are monitored by our Scholarship Chair. We try our best to offer our sisters and PNM's as many resources as they need to excel in school while staying up to date with the sorority. We've had athletes excel in school while pledging." 

HCSB: Last but not least, what is the best part of joining KBG?

Kiki: "KBG is a home away from home: a place where you always have someone to eat with, a place where sisters will help you do better and make sure you rise up with them. The best part of our sisterhood is that we know it is a lifelong bond that nobody can break."


Recruitment 101 at SBU

“Rush (recruitment) is a period of time, where Greeks (members of sororities or fraternities) hold events for Non-Greeks in an effort to get potential new members interested in their particular organization and to show everyone what we’re all about." - Stony Brook’s Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. (www.stonykpl.org)

It is important to know that all sororities host their own recruitment and each have their own schedules! Recruitment season usually takes place during the first few weeks of the semester.

Only the three sororities under the National Panhellenic Conference, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Delta Tau and Theta Phi Alpha, have a regulated recruitment process which requires you to sign up for formal recruitment which will be held in February.

The best way to find out if the sorority of your interest is holding recruitment is to contact them directly! Many sororities on Stony Brook campus can be reached by social media. If you're not sure, you can even reach out to our own Inter-Fraternity and Sorority Council (IFSC)  for assistance. IFSC is the governing body that oversees all greek life activities on Stony Brook’s campus. You can find IFSC’s office in the  Student Activities Center (SAC) in Suite 218!

Nervous? It could be a good idea to bring a friend with you! Do your research and see which organization best fits you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Remember you are allowed to 'rush' more than one organization, so take the time to find the right match!

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