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Helen Liu: Her Campus Stony Brook Social Media Director

Name: Helen Liu

Year: Junior

Major: Linguistics and Health Science

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 

How has being on the Her Campus Stony Brook team changed your college experience?

Helen: “Joining the Her Campus Stony Brook has given me an opportunity to not only challenge myself but also a great chance to meet other women on this campus of twenty-five thousand students. The team is so creative, supportive and ambitious. When you surround yourself with those kind of people, you start to see those qualities being brought out in yourself. Everyone is always sharing ideas and helping each other with the article pieces. We recently had our get together where we made fried Oreos and cupcakes. It was a fun time and we all had something to talk about— whether it be how much money we spend on makeup, Netflix binges or which artists we wanted for Brookfest. While my career aspirations are not in the publishing field, Her Campus has been able to help me network and gain leadership skills. It has been a positive addition to my college experience, to say the least.”

What do you hope Her Campus Stony Brook will achieve in the future on social media? 

Helen: “This year our goal is to be a more vocal platform on current issues such as women empowerment and political policy. I hope Her Campus Stony Brook will become a more recognized brand on campus and continue to have online influence. As always, viewer loyalty and increasing traffic to our website are always goals.” 

Are you involved with anything else on campus that you are passionate about? 

Helen: “I am also the current President of the Delta chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. on campus.” 

What is your favorite Stony Brook memory? 

Helen: “This is a hard question. I have so many memories to chose from! Every year, for the past 2 years, some of my closest friends at Stony Brook and I get together around Thanksgiving time to have our annual dinner. We bring homemade food and even make our own Sangria! It’s a great time. “

Her Campus Stony Brook Founder and Campus Correspondent Stony Brook University Senior Minnesotan turned New Yorker English Major, Journalism Minor
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