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Everything To Add A Little Irish Luck To Class Outfits for St. Paddy’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

This year, St. Patrick’s day lands on a Friday which means most of us don’t have to worry about waking up for class the next day (I’m screaming too.) But if you have an internship or class all on Friday, you might be looking for subtle ways to add some green for festive vibes without compromising professionalism. And don’t worry this isn’t your mom’s aged articles telling you how to take a look from the office to the club – this is the guide to subtly. It’s an art after all, and the iconic inventors of the Irish goodbye have clearly mastered it, well kinda.

If you are working in a traditional office space green hair, or neon lipsticks might not be the right choice. So these brands all have shades of green to add just enough without looking crazy.

All things Beauty

Having sensitive skin I am constantly looking for hypoallergenic fragrance-free products which led me to Almay. Almay because as a brand they are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and ophthalmologist approved, iconic IMHO. One item that caught my eye, pardon the pun, is their Intense I-Color Enhancing Eyeshadow Palette for Hazel Eyes (CVS, $15) as it features two shades of green as well as neutral colors. 

What also made this palette stand out to me, even more, was it not only had color-coordinating shades as well as instructions on where to put them on the eye so you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out where one color should or shouldn’t go. It comes to you as one look, with no need for multiple palettes.

This palette features shades of forest and emerald green with complimentary neutral shades to easily build the perfect look. Use it with tee shirts or pantsuits for a subtle green sparkle.

I always like to match eyeliners to shadows to keep a consistent color scheme. Almay’s All-Day Intense Gel Eyeliner (CVS, $11) in Evergreen. This emerald shade is very pigmented and applies smoothly. Plus, you could style it on a bare lid too.

NYX is another brand that carries green makeup. In my search for green eye products what attracted me to this NYX product is its uniqueness. When you think of NYX think of bright colors, glitter, and fun.

They have an Epic Smoke Liner Sticks Vegan Smokey Eyeliner (Ulta, $11) in the shade “Sage Sparks” which is a hunter green metallic. It has an attached brush so you can blend with other shades or use as the name suggests, make it smokey! This is perfect if you’re an eyeliner girlie and just want to add a little festive flair.

You can’t always show up to work with green lips but you can show up to parties with them! NYX’s Shine Loud High Shine Lip Color line is perfect for this, try the shade “Self Taught Millionaire” (Ulta, $12) for a deep peacock pout. You apply the color and then the gloss. Once it dries it will keep the color on all night for a fun and festive look that you don’t have to worry about having green lips the next day. 

If you prefer liquid liners check out Stila’s All Day Water Proof Liquid Liner in Jade (Target, $12). This shade has always been one of my favorite green eyeliners that I have used for years. Plus it’s on sale right now! If you are unfamiliar with Stila is known for its trusted liners that are sure to sparkle and last all day. What makes this liner stand out of that the liquid pen applies with a smooth line allowing you to apply it fast. It is a great alternative to a pencil. I never have had an issue with smudging, which is a makeup fan’s dream.

All Things Nails 

Using green nail polish is a great way to add a nod to St. Patrick’s day that is perfect for any setting. 

Sally Hanson’s Insta-dry in Gain Mo-Ment-Um (Target, $6) is the perfect mint green, it reminds me of the milk after a bowl of Lucky Charma. I have used Insta-dry products many times through the years and the fact that it dries in 60 seconds is something I’ve witnessed, perfect for busy college students. With pastels in style, and a spring classic, this green is a great choice to add to your nail arsenal it is easy to put on and go.

All Things Hair

If you want to add color to your hair but only want it for the weekend and can only put it in after work check out Hally Shade Stix hair makeup (Hally, $10) in green and yellow, a suitable substitute for gold. There are two things that made this product stand out to me. The first one is that it is described as makeup for hair with the applicator being a simple spoolie so it makes application easy to your hair. The second thing that made this product stand out is that it comes out the next time you wash your hair. 

All of the above makes it an easy and quick way use to get a festive look without the demi, or semi-permanent commitment of green hair or yellow hair

Who doesn’t need some gold in their life? While I prefer it in coins gold, I’ll have to settle with a gold hair spray. If you’re like me and love sparkles St. Patrick’s day is a great excuse to put some sparkle in your hair, using Punky Color glitter spray in gold (Amazon,$9). I saw this product scrolling on Amazon, and I couldn’t resist the promise of golden sparkle. 

What also drew me to this product similar to the Hally Shade Stix, is that it washes out in one wash and you don’t have to worry about showing up to work with golden hair. You can also spray it on your skin or clothes for sparkle all over.

I hope you find all the gold at the end of the rainbow this St. Patricks day.

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