A Girl’s Guide to Ear Piercings

Having ear piercings is just like having a bunch of accessories. You can mix and match styles, colors, location, and much more. Just as with clothing, you can express your style with earrings.

Where to get your ears pierced: It all depends on what you are comfortable with (piercing gun or needle) and how much money you have to spend. Most tattoo parlors will pierce your ears for a good price. If you are okay with needles, this is what they use. They don’t always have a large selection of earrings to choose from, but after a few months you’ll be able to change them. If you hate needles, you may be more comfortable with a piercing gun. Accessory and jewelry stores, such as Claire's and Pagoda Piercing, use piercing guns. They usually have piercing specials in which the earrings are included in the price of the piercing. There’s also a larger selection of earrings to choose from.

The Location:

Where would you like your piercing to be? Maybe you want to the simple, yet sophisticated lobe piercing. Or maybe you want something different or edgy such as piercing the cartilage or the tragus.Shopping for Earrings:

After the hole has healed and the earring is safe to change, go shopping! There are so many cute shapes and colors. You can choose from gold to silver to rose gold. You can find everything from animals like elephants to food, such as pineapples and cupcakes!Now you are all set for your first (or more) piercing! There are so many different combinations you can come up with. Each combination is an expression of the wearer’s personality and style. Mix and match and don’t stop at just one! Be creative and just have fun.