Five Struggles Only the Youngest Child Would Understand

We all know how the cliches go. As the “baby” of the household, we’re the ones who get whatever we ask for. We’re the ones who never get blamed. We’re the ones who get pampered treatment. We’re the ones living our best lives! The truth is, however, it’s not all sunshine and roses. For those readers who can relate, here are five struggles of being the youngest child:


1. Hand-me-downs Galore

Dying to go to the mall? “No need!” says Mom as she brings over the bucketload of sweaters and tee-shirts that are too small to fit your older sibling.

2. Identity Crisis

Did you like the same singers as your older brother or sister when you were younger? Sure, it wasn’t so bad to jam out together to your favorite bops...until all your teachers started calling you “so and so’s sister/brother.” All of a sudden you felt the need to wage World War II and hate everything that your older sibling liked out of sheer desperation to be different.

3. Zero Exam Sympathy

Taking the SAT today? No big deal. Your older sibling is preparing for the MCAT. Which one’s more important? And so the cycle continues for the rest of your life. 

4. The Battle For the Car

Planning to drive to your friend’s house? I’m afraid your older brother/sister already beat you to the only car left in the garage. 

5. The Nameless Child

“ (Insert older sibling’s name), come say hi to my old friend from high school!” Obviously you’re expected to trail along behind them. Because when your parents call your older sibling’s name, it automatically means they’re calling both of you. 

Being the youngest child does come with its fair share of troubles. Nonetheless, there is one invaluable advantage that no youngest child can deny: having another parental figure to look out for you and guide you through it all, no matter how old you get!