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Five Badass Korean Female Artists and Groups You Need to Listen to Right Now

With the rising popularity of K-pop across the world, you have probably listened to a few Korean songs here and there—or, if you’re like me, more than you should have. But with the diverse genres and artists, it can be overwhelming to choose who to listen to first. Not to mention, it is very easy for releases from rookie artists to stay in the shadow of popular groups. So, how do you know if you are getting the full experience when diving into the Korean music industry? Whether you have either been listening to the same songs on repeat or would like to experiment with different genres, I got you! Seriously, here are five rising artists and groups that will shoot your confidence to the moon with their powerful message of woman empowerment. 



A rising R&B artist, BIBI is known for her experimentation with bold and colorful discography, containing raw messages. All for self-confidence, she strives to keep it real in the music industry and pushes the boundaries in Korea by starring topics like sex in her songs. On top of co-writing Twice’s “More & More,” she has also accumulated a total of more than 15 million views as a rookie artist. If you are still hesitant, take a look at one of her singles “KAZINO.”


Jessi is a Korean-American rapper and singer-songwriter with over 1.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Moving from the US to Korea as a teen, she had a difficult time adjusting to Korean culture, but today, she is known as one of the most influential female figures in Korean entertainment. Booming with confidence, she challenges the industry with unique tracks that promote being authentic. Jessi is definitely an artist you should keep an eye on as her career seems to not be slowing down anytime soon. Be sure to check out “NUNU NANA,” her most successful song yet—with more than 100 million views—and her latest release, “What Type of X.”


Starting with uploading cover videos online, Seori has already collaborated with known artists such as Day6’s Jae and Keshi. Known for her artful music videos with a hint of delicate and dreary vibes, she isn’t afraid of experimenting and portraying diversity. In her latest single, “Lovers in the Night,” she depicts the love of different individuals in the world, including LGBTQ+ couples—which is rarely shown in the Korean music industry. Her songs are a not-miss if you are head over heels for Billie Eilish!


Jamie started her journey with JYP Entertainment, a company known for their popular groups such as Twice and Got7, but is currently signed with Warner Music, home to artists such as Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Camila Cabello. Writing nearly all of her songs, she focuses on sharing her story and sending happiness and positivity through her music. She is all for self-confidence and encouragement just as portrayed in her single, “Stay Beautiful.” On top of her unique voice and fearless personality, she has also started her own podcast show, What Would Jamie Do, where she gives honest advice about sticky situations such as friend betrayal, love, and fake friends.


MAMAMOO is a girl group that has been dominating the charts with their single “HIP,” topping both Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales and World Albums chart. Their seamless harmonization combined with their incorporation of retro-pop, R&B, and jazz is the definition of chef’s kiss. Steering away from typical pop music, the group produces songs that are boppy but powerful and fun at the same time. Most importantly, they don’t shy away from having open discussions about global issues such as climate change and the importance of valuing yourself for who you are.

Bringing both chilling and unique visuals from music videos, these five artists are a must-listen and a must-add-to-your-playlist. They aren’t afraid to speak their thoughts and challenge the traditional music industry with releases that are not just pop, but a sprinkle of confidence. Within these fierce musicians, I hope you will find a good bop or two, or even meet your new favorite genre!

Jessica Li

Stony Brook '24

Jessica is a freshman at Stony Brook University majoring in biochemistry on the pre-dental track. She is all for spreading positivity and experimenting with different genres of music and forms of writing. In her free time, you can either find her writing, volunteering, or collecting new memes with a cup of iced coffee on the side.
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