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Cute Mother/Daughter Tattoos to Get This Mother’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

Have you and your mom always debated on getting tattoos? Maybe you’ve scoured through Pinterest, Instagram and every other picture-oriented website you could find. Maybe you both want something small or twin tattoos, or maybe you both want something different but still conceptually connected. And honestly, what better gift for this Mother’s Day than to get a meaningful piece of artwork with your first best friend in life?

Tattoos are significant and so is your relationship with your mom. Here are unique designs for a tight mother/daughter pair. This is better than getting her the usual card and flowers every year. Time to spice things up!

QuotablesImage Source

If you both want a simple quote that explains your bond, something like this might be the right choice for you. And the thumbprints are a delicate, personal touch.

Image Source

Here’s a quote fleshed out with a little more color. Maybe you and your mother can choose a quote you like and ornament it with a beautiful design. That way, you still get that aesthetic that a colorful tattoo offers.


Image Source  Image Source

Something festive, feminine, and floral always works. These are great if your mom is not a fan of larger tattoos. Something beautiful yet understated like these might be more her taste.

Family Crests

Image SourceImage Source

If you have sisters, maybe you all could create your own symbol that represents the relationship you all share with your mom, sort of like a family crest or symbol of matriarchy. Something that represents not only your relationship but also your unity. 

Bigger, Bolder, BadderImage Source

If your mom is the type to go big or go home, already has a bunch of tattoos, or doesn’t want a small tatt if she’s a first timer, then something a little more splayed out like this might be ideal. This tattoo still captures that priceless mother/daughter bond but with a little more aesthetic appeal to it.

Polar Opposites

Image SourceImage Source

If you and your mom have nothing in common aside from being best of friends, then maybe you’d want to celebrate those personality differences. Something like this would be ideal.

Regardless of what you choose, the point is to celebrate and cherish your bond with your mom, so pick something that’s going to highlight that bond in an artistic way. Depending on where you both get inked, it is going to be shown off to the world, after all.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Reena Khan

Stony Brook

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