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For decades, Converse sneakers have been considered a classic in every wardrobe. Now, they are the perfect sneaker for a clean and sophisticated classic look, with a vintage flair in every color imaginable. This spring, they have become one of the most popular shoe trends on TikTok and Pinterest. TikToks are exploding with #converse, and all kinds of contents from unboxing to dyeing content is being created. Verified TikTok creator @avajules called herself a “proud converse mom” in her collection tour posted on February 6. Whether you wear high-top chucks or low-tops is completely up to you, but here are some of the biggest trends in Converse to know about, and advice on how to wear them, because every girl needs a pair of chucks to conquer the world.

Classic black high-tops are a must. This is the go-to shoe for literally every outfit; they break into being super comfortable and easy to wear. For a TikTok vibe, get them as platforms and pair them with flared jeans. For a spring look, pair them with a floral dress and simple accessories. If you are looking for a way to make black chucks look more unique, paint designs on them with bleach for an edgy pair! 

For a feminine look for springtime, get a pair of embroidered high-tops. For something super custom or personal, check out Etsy, or head to your local craft store and DIY a pair. For a simple, neutral shoe, Broderie Platforms are a natural linen color, covered in small embroidered flowers. The Broderie combines the trendiness of a platform with the uniqueness of embroidery. For Converse with some color, the Floral Print Chuck is a baby blue with tiny pink and yellow flowers. Embroidered chucks would pair perfectly with any outfit. Style them for the summer with a sundress or a pair of cutoffs. 

Converse also features designs with textured fabrics. The Knit Mashup hightops are unique in every aspect of the shoe. They feature a mix of knits that are different styles and geometric prints. The soles are white with clear rubber details. These are so unique and would pop well with a simple black or denim bottom!

Go for a bold hue for a monochromatic look, or simply a pop of color. The best thing about Converse is they are available in every color of the rainbow. If they don’t have the exact color, or combination of colors you are looking for, you can design your own pair on their custom site. The Summer Daze high-tops are a bold mustard yellow called “Gold Dart” and feature a geometric print of mountains and the sun. The Converse Color Chuck comes in tons of bold colors, including a beautiful emerald green called “Bright Spruce” and a hot pink shade called “Hyper Pink”. For a fun DIY, grab a pair of white chucks and dye them whatever shade you want--just remember to tape off the rubber parts and logo to keep them white. 

A crazy print, animals, fruits, plants and more. As a brand, Converse is full of designs that are unique and distinct from any other shoe collection--making it super easy to express yourself through this accessory. The Wild Florals high-top comes in pink or blue patterns, featuring bright-colored designs with floral and leaf prints. For a bit of a vintage flair and ‘70s vibe, the Paisley Print chucks are perfect with their marigold yellow or bold red hues, and would pop with some light wash flared denim.

Converse’ newest line “Renew” features knit styles made of recycled materials--for the environmentalist fashion diva. The Knit high-top is the classic silhouette of a high-top chuck, with the sustainability of the modern environmentalist movement. According to the Converse website, the upper of the shoe is “about 85% recycled polyester thread”. The rubber midsole and outsole are made up of about 12% recycled rubber scraps from the footwear and 100% recycled polyester laces. The design features small pieces of rubber scraps visible in the outsole. 

Chucks are all about expressing yourself, so find a pair that is you and style them in the most fun ways you can. Don't forget to tag us in all of your cutest outfit posts: @hcstonybrook and @hercampusstyle!

Julia is a junior at Stony Brook University, studying journalism and women's studies. In her free time, you can find her scrolling through pinterest or writing at a local cafe, latte in hand. She loves a perfect manicure, face masks and the smell of a real newspaper. You can always find her drinking coffee, thrifting or holding a camera.
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