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Carlton Johnson: “Why Are You Walking A Cat?”

Name: Carlton Johnson Jr

Year: junior

Major: political science and an AMS minor

Hometown: White Plains, NY (914!!!!!!!)

Relationship status: single

HCSB: What is your favorite song at the moment?

CJ: “It’s Good Life by Kanye West, off the best album ever created in time: Graduation. Thank you, Kanye.”

HCSB: Mac or PC

CJ: “PC. HP specifically.”

HCSB: Specifically.

CJ: “It’s a pretty tough word to pronounce when you think about it.”

(The next 30 seconds recorded are HCSB and CJ trying to pronounce the word “specifically”)

HCSB: Okay Carlton, cats or dogs

CJ:” Dogs all the way. It’s a man’s best friend. Have you ever seen a cat just cuddle up with you? No. But a dog does it. And you can’t walk a cat. You CAN walk a dog though. If I walk a cat people will be like ‘why are you walking a cat?’ Unless it’s like a lion or a cheetah. That would be cool.”

HCSB: Who is your celebrity crush?

CJ: “I have a story behind this. Have you ever seen the movie Love Don’t Cost A Thing with Nick Cannon? There’s a girl in it, the main character, Christina Milian. She’s gorgeous. That’s when I knew. Christian Milian.”

HCSB: What are your career goals?

CJ: “Well I wanna graduate, and then I want to go to law school – hopefully St. John’s or Buffalo. And then, after that I want to become a lawyer and rise through the corporate world. I want to do corporate law and then get into politics. I want to try to run for president. I decided I wanted to run for president when I was in 8th grade.”

HCSB: Why?

CJ: “When I was in 8th grade, the teacher went around the room and asked what everyone wanted to be when they grew up. When I said president, everyone laughed. But I stayed with it my whole high school career too, and then senior year I got voted Most Likely to Be President. It just takes a bit of effort.”

HCSB: What is your favorite college memory so far?

CJ: “This is tough because I’m a transfer and I’ve been to a few schools, but probably my first week at my first school. I was at Penn State and I went in thinking I knew everything because you see all the movies about college and I talked to people who told me what it was gonna be like, but you don’t know until you experience it yourself. So like, that first weekend my roommate wasn’t there the first day and I went to the freshman orientation thing all decked out and I met a lot of people I still talk to today. I think the most important thing about college isn’t just from the classroom. A lot of the important stuff comes from experiencing things.”


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