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BabylissPro’s new hair tool, Cryocare The Cold Brush changes the hair tool game by using cold, YES cold temperature and not heat to smooth out hair. 

If you are into hair like me or just want a chance at making sure your hair do what you want when you want by using only one tool, this one’s for you. 

Say goodbye to your collection of flat irons with various sizes and different temperature settings! You know which ones I’m talking about- the heated hair brushes, curling irons with clips – without clips, automatic rotating things, and those tools that suck your hair in and do something and then release it. All these tools are meant to create a style with smooth looking hair, but isn’t it a bit ironic that they can make your hair look smooth while simultaneously creating heat damage that over time will cause your natural hair not to be smooth? And if you want to go from straight to curly from one day to next? Forget it! You’re definitley risking some extra heat damage!  

And what about the hard and fast rule of never using a heating tool with wet hair? BabylissPro somehow has figured out how to skip the heat and all it’s baggage without having to compromise the smooth, shiny and frizz free look your hair loves! The cold air in their new cryotherapy cold brush makes heat damage a fling of the past.

When I first heard about this I was excited but skeptical. I know cold temperature on hair can close hair shafts, which can make hair look shinier; hence all those hair experts saying to rinse with cold water for shinier hair or to help keep hair dye looking better for a longer period of time. So, I knew if anything my hair would look shiner, but what it does as a whole is actually pretty cool. It takes the humidity in the air (our hair’s greatest foe,) and puts that moisture into your hair, moisturizing your hair and making it less frizzy.

I tried it one day when the humidity was at about 90%, which would normally be either a bun day or a’ frizzy-why-bother-styling’ day for me. This tool made my hair look shiny and kept it frizz-free. My hair felt so soft and looked healthy, which is a miracle considering I have yet to cut it in about six months. 

You can also use this brush on wet hair. It helped my hair stay detangled and dry a little faster and smoother. I did a second pass through my hair once it fully dried since I do have a natural wave/curl pattern to my hair. This cold brush allowed by natural hair to shine through without the risk of damage. 

It comes with a travel case so you can take it on the go if you didn’t have a chance to do your hair before your first in person class. It cools up quick and unlike heating tools you don’t have to worry about burns or the tool melting anything in your bag. 

I will warn you this hair brush is addictive, I have all but stopped using a hair dryer, because cryocare takes care of any frizz that comes with air drying. I use this when it is both wet and dry. Once it’s dry, I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results. If you are going to buy any hair tool this season you need to get the BabylissPro Cryocare The Cold Brush. It is sold at Ulta and is definitely worth it!

Writing for HerCampus is my favorite hobby! I also love musicals, aingibg and all things beauty including hair!
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