Aleeza Kazmi: "Expose the truth"

Name: Aleeza Kazmi

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Flushing, Queens

What made you choose the Journalism Major?

Aleeza: “I’ve known I wanted to pursue journalism since I was a freshman in high school because I thought I wanted to go to law school or go into politics, or I just wanted to do something that would help people. But, then I realized in law and politics you’re driven by money and power. And I think that journalism is a really cool way to help people and you’re really just doing it because you like to write and expose the truth.”

What is your dream job?

Aleeza: “Honestly, my dream job would be a producer for ‘Parts Unknown.’ I just really want to do production work or research work for a magazine news show thing like '60 Minutes' or a Vice show or something like that.”

Do you have a favorite Stony Brook moment?

Aleeza: “Homecoming this year was pretty fun. I didn’t do homecoming last year because I was doing the live show and so it was my first homecoming. It felt like we went to a real school for a quick second, like oh tailgating! Real college!”

Chipotle or Moes?

Aleeza: “You know, I grew up eating Moes so I’m gonna say Moes.”