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  1. Okay pickups at 9:30

  2. Union or SAC loop?

  3. Of course it’s SAC loop

  4. It’s always SAC loop

  5. Crap what time should we leave?

  6. Late or early?

  7. Psh late duh

  8. I’m no freshman

  9. So pregame or?

  10. Wait I do not want to do that walk after pregaming

  11. But if I don’t pregame I’m gonna be cold

  12. yolo

  13. Okay one more shot

  14. Ight I’m good

  15. Oh my god

  16. Can we go?

  17. How are you not ready yet?

  18. Stop with the eyeliner

  19. Trust me, you’re good

  20. Let’s go

  21. Dammit I’m still cold

  22. Why is the SAC loop so far away

  23. Huddle together, girls

  24. Whoop there’s the pregame

  25. Why is it a zebra path?

  26. We have nothing to do with zebras

  27. #stonybrooklogic

  28. Oh there’s not that many people here

  29. Wait

  30. God they’re all in the bus stop

  31. Oh my god

  32. Not again

  33. FELICIA get back here

  34. What are you doing?

  35. Dammit FELICIA

  36. God why can’t she handle her liquor?

  37. Why am I the drunk babysitter?

  38. Time to flirt with the frat guys

  39. “Hi, how are you?”

  40. “Think my girls and I can get a ride soon?”

  41. Nailed it

  42. *penguin huddles for warmth*

  43. That guy in the beanie is cute

  44. I hope he gets a ride, too

  45. *Makes mental bookmark to look for him later*

  46. What are there like 2 cars doing rides?

  47. Oo a car’s coming

  48. Really a two door for rides?

  49. Oh okay that’s cool

  50. Take the girls that got here after us

  51. I don’t care


  53. *More penguin huddles*

  54. We’re getting next ride

  55. idgaf

  56. An SUV?

  57. YAAAS

  58. Hellz yeah for leg room

  59. Squad up

  60. GO GO GO

  61. Clutch

  62. Thank God, warmth

  63. I guess seatbelts aren’t a thing

  64. Sorry mom

  65. Why are you playing country on the way to a frat party?


  67. I don’t even know how to drive stick shift and I know this isn’t right

  68. Thanks for the whiplash

  69. I’ll be sending you the bill

  70. Don’t you worry

  71. Ugh Jesus take the wheel

  72. Dammit FELICIA

  73. Shift your butt

  74. K that’s kinda better

  75. Oh I recognize this road

  76. Thank God, we’re here

  77. Alright here we go

  78. Sorry again mom

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