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5 TV Shows That Need to Come Back

These past couple of years have been an absolute dream come true for 90’s and 2000’s TV fans. “Boy Meets World” came back as “Girl Meets World.” A “Full House” revival called “Fuller House” and a unnamed “Gilmore Girls” revival are currently in the works and I may or may not already be preparing the popcorn.

While having these three shows back has been and will be amazing, it is not enough. Now that TV fanatics, such as myself, have had a taste, WE WANT MORE! Here are five shows that need to come ASAP.


We all want to know what the friends have been up to. Did Ross and Rachael get married? What has Joey been eating? Do they still visit Central Perk?  

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

The vampire craze may be over but there’s no reason it can’t come back with Buffy. We may finally find out who Buffy ended up with, Spike or Angel. Plus, how’s the whole vampire slaying thing going for her? Same old, same old or is there a new big bad?

“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Yes, obviously she will no longer be a teenager, but frankly who cares? We still want to know what she’s been up to. Maybe she and Harvey have a little witch of their own now. How perfect would that be? Plus, there’s Salem. We can never have enough Salem

“Sister, Sister”


Who wouldn’t want to see Tia and Tamera back together on screen? A show about twins who were separated at birth, reunited as teenagers, and becoming instant best friends was perfect then and will be perfect now.

“Lizzie McGuire”

Having a mere two seasons and a movie did not do this wonderful show justice. Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo were the original ‘Squad Goals’ and we all want to know what they’ve been up to.

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