5 Things Only People with Really Long Hair Understand

1. Hair EVERYWHERE  When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. And yes, even in between your butt cheeks after you shower.

2. Knotty

No, not naughty, but knotty. If there are high winds, expect your hair to be in tangles.

3. Hair slaps

You don’t mean it, but when you whip your hair back and forth or to the side, 95% chance of you whipping someone in the face.

4. “Don’t cut your hair!!!”

When you tell people that you want a change and you’re thinking about cutting your long luscious hair, their immediate response is to counter argue.

5. “Cut your hair!!!”

When you like your hair just the way it is, some will tell you that your hair is too long and that you should cut it… can’t win with society, can ya?