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5 Reasons Why People Get Inked

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

There are many pretty tattoos out there, just as there are many reasons why people choose to get inked. Sitting in the tattoo parlor, knowing that in the next few minutes permanent ink is going to be pressed into your flesh is a big decision. Everyone has a different reason for getting inked, but here are some possibilities. 

1. To Remember 

Some people chose to honor loved ones by having a symbol of them tattooed on their skin. This way, their loved one can always be with them in thought. 

2. Art

All in all, tattoos are a great form of art. There are many ink colors and particularly anything can be stenciled onto your skin. It is a form of creative expression for both the artist and the individual receiving the tattoo. Some people like certain artists and will only get tattoos by them. 

3. Spread Messages

If a cause is important to you, then getting it tattooed on your skin will help to spread that message around. Also, sometimes people will tattoo quotes they think they should live by in order for them to always remember that message. 

4. Spontaneity 

Sometimes friends will go out and randomly decided to get a tattoo together. In this case, the tattoo is a spontaneous decision that also serves to help them remember the good nights with good people that they’ve had.  

5. Addiction

Most people don’t stop after one tattoo. They might find it painful but they come back anyway. Only after you’ve been inked can you understand this phenomena. 

Tattoos aren’t for everyone, but there are many reasons why some people chose to go under the needle time and time again. 

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