32 Thoughts You Have at the Rec

1. I'm gonna kill this workout. 

2. New workout mix, new me. 

3. Act cool, don't look at the guys lifting weights in the window.   4. That guy in man bun can get it though. 

5. Good thing these leggings make my butt look hot as hell. 

6. Who am I kidding, I always look hot as hell. #Flawless. 

7. I should stretch. 

8. Too bad all the mats are full. 

9. Okay, elliptical time. 

10. How am I already sweaty? 

11. How has it only been 3 minutes? 

12. I'm so tired. 

13. All I have to do is listen to like 10 songs, then the workout will be over. 

14. Chicken parm sounds so good right now. 

15. No. Focus. 

16. How is that girl not sweating at all? 

17. She must be bionic. 

18. I'm bored. 

19. Let's try a new machine. 

20. I have no idea how this works. 

21. This feels wrong. 

22. Omg everyone is staring at me, aren't they? 

23. Okay let's just run laps. 

24. Get those endorphins. 

25. I love that girl's top. 

26. Maybe if I bought cuter workout clothes I'd be more motivated. 

27. 3 more laps. 

28. I am strong, I am fierce, I can do anything.  29. I wonder if anyone is free to grab food after this. 

30. And done. 

31. Okay that wasn't that bad. 

32. Time for pizza. 


All gifs from giphy