13 Things to Avoid on Friday the 13th

Classes and homework are taking over our lives that we might not even realize that Friday the 13 is approaching quickly this month. To make the rest of the month, semester, and our lives flow more easily, here are 13 things to avoid on Friday the 13! 

1. Changing your sheets


2. Passing a funeral procession

3. Cutting your hair

4. Cutting your nails

5. Starting a new job

6. Traveling

7. Moving to a new home

8. Getting married

9. Vowing your love under the moon


10. Going on a date

11. Spilling salt

12. Getting out of your bed with your left foot first

13. Going outside barefoot


Whether or not you believe in superstitions, why not take the safe route and follow the suggestions above for the day? Be smart, be safe and don’t make any silly mistakes.