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HARI NEF as Barbie, ALEXANDRA SHIPP as Barbie, SHARON ROONEY as Barbie, ANA CRUZ KAYNE as Barbie and EMMA MACKEY as Barbie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “BARBIE,”
HARI NEF as Barbie, ALEXANDRA SHIPP as Barbie, SHARON ROONEY as Barbie, ANA CRUZ KAYNE as Barbie and EMMA MACKEY as Barbie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “BARBIE,”
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11 brands you need to upgrade your Barbie-core game

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stony Brook chapter.

Barbie was the hit movie of the summer, with Barbie-core pastels and pink taking over. Since Barbie items started being sold, I have been constantly looking for items regardless of what it is as items are constantly flying off the shelves with new ones replacing them. Since I’ve already done the research and found some amazing stuff, I thought I’d share the knowledge of some Barbie-tastic items with my fellow Barbie fans because that’s what Barbie would do! Here are 10 brands and their items that are more than Kenough for Barbie-core for any fan without affecting your wallet- too much, anyway.


Who doesn’t love a good manicure? We know Barbie does!

CND. CND has an amazing amount of pinks. When I was looking for nail polishes, I came across CND. Lizzo recently wore it to the Governors Ball and I absolutely love Lizzo! They have both regular and gel polishes, but the amount of pinks amazed me. With over 100 pinks or sets containing pink, you should easily be able to find the pink you are looking for. One color that caught my eye and stood out is Negligee because it is a light pink with a pearl sheer that is cute but work-appropriate for even the strictest office. ($8.)

Piggy Paint. If you have Asthma or are someone who is sensitive to smells, you might have been avoiding nail polish. In my search to find some treasure, I came across Piggy Paint with little to no odor, making it a great option for people who can’t handle smells. And they have some perfect Barbie-core shades. They have a variety of pinks including Jazz it Up (bright bubblegum pink) PINKie Promise (pastel pink) Light of the Party (neon coral shimmer), Tickled Pink (Glitter infused taffy pink). They also have Bae-Bee-Bliss (Yellow) Rain-bow or Shine (Cornflower blue) which are perfect if you want a manicure inspired by the Venice Beach scene ($9.)


Primark Speaking of that iconic rollerblading scene, if you want an exact dupe for the beach, pool, or even a Halloween costume, Primark has the items. As in the official Barbie The Movie, Venice Beach swimwear items are exclusive to Primark. They have the swimsuits, Kens’ top as well as the visor. If you’re looking for a Halloween costume, it is definitely an easy and affordable one, as the items range from $6-$18. It fits a college budget.  Primark also has a lot of other Barbie Items including a Tumbler. What drew me to this Tumbler was the fact that is adorned with rhinestones that are between the layers of plastic on the Tumbler. So, you don’t have to worry about rhinestones dulling or falling off while washing or using. ($12) I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the tote bag they sell. I was initially drawn to it because it is black with a pink gradient logo, and I love pink. But it is probably one of the sturdiness bags I have ever had. The bag is black with Babrie’s name on one side with a pink ombre. It’s great for classes. I was going to the beach and I was able to fit so many things in this bag, including my iPad, my phone, my sunscreen, water, bottle towel, and more and it held up perfectly-not bad for $5.

Hot Topic

Hot Topic has a variety of accessories but the unique ones Barbie Cowboy hat but also a Captain Barbie hat available. Both are $25. If you are lucky enough to live in a location where you can wear a cowboy hat, why not wear a Barbie one? If you’re in a place where it’s not common to wear a cowboy hat-who cares make it common. Because all that matters is that you feel good- plus cowboy hats are great for blocking the sun! It is white with a pink trim and Barbie on it. It drew me to the hot pink Captain Barbie hat because it’s cute it’s flirty and well, personally I’ve always wanted a Captain hat and a Cowboy hat, if only I could find pink cowgirl boots. But those two hats aren’t the only hair accessories Barbie dons throughout the movie.


In my search for accessories, I came across Beachwaver’s Large Velvet Bow in rose pink. I loved this rose pink bow because of its similarity to the one Barbie wears in the movie. Another reason this bow caught my eye is that it has a hook in the back, making it a quick and easy way to add a bow without disturbing your hairstyle that much, if at all. ($24.)

Makeup Barbie and makeup have always gone hand in hand.

Nomad Cosmetics. They have an amazing pastel palette called Tokyo Harajuku Palette. I fell in love with this palette a few years ago, as I love pastels. It has mint, pink, purple and matches Barbie world’s aesthetic perfectly. If you are looking for something that is less pastel but still very much pink, check out their Verona Love and Death Palette. It’s a unique split Palette with two mirrors and two it caught my eye not just because it’s like 2 palettes in one but because of the variety of shades the palette has. One side of the palette opens up to a variety of pinks as well as some red corals with a built-in mirror, while the other side opens has a majority of purples and blues. This palette also contains shimmers in light pink, hot pink, blue, and purple.

About-face. If you’re into eye paint, which some refer to as liquid eyeshadow, you need to check out Halsey’s about-face brand. They have the perfect baby pink called On Pointe. There is a fawn brown called Capulet. You can apply On Point gently for a soft pink or build it for a saturated baby pink. The shades are extremely blendable and easy to use, regardless of how familiar you are with eye paint/liquid eye shadow. On Pointe has a matching baby pink eyeliner called Leave Me Breathless. They also have a Shadowstick, i.e. an eyeshadow in a stick, that is a pearl baby pink called Baroque. I found this Shadowstick is great to use on your inner corners to make you look more awake.

Kylie Cosmetics.

Barbie has a very nice natural look lip that can vary from matt to shiny depending on the Barbie. I found that Kylie Cosmetics Tinted Butter Balms is a perfect natural lip look. Why? Well, two specific things caught my eye about Jenner’s 6 butter balms. First off I like that they have natural shades such as a pink nude (Kylie) as well as more fun colors like a light baby pink (Pink Me Up at 8) or a blue-based red (Moving On). The second thing that prompted me to include this was the fact that it is buildable so you can decide if you want to be Dance Party Barbie with a bold lip color or Venice Beach Barbie with a slight color.

Barbie often has this lit from within glow and some are very obvious, such as Dua Lipa’s mermaid Barbie. In looking for products that can give you that glow, I was drawn to Kylie Cosmetics’ new Body Glow. This product stood out to me because this can be used on your face and body. Kylie Cosmetics recommends adding their product to your foundation, moisturizer, or lotion for a radiant look. This can give you a nice glow. Another reason I included this in the article is because of the diversity of shades. There are four shades; two golds, one which is closer to a true gold and one that is more of a pearl and slightly pink to me, a copper, and a bronze, so regardless of your skin tone, they do have an option for you..

Hair. If you’ve ever had a Barbie, you know hairstyle is key to her look. She always seems to have the perfect hairstyle. Accessories and a lot of fun colors. I came across some amazing kits for styling your hair as well as coloring it, as you don’t have to go to the salon to get some fun shades!

Mydentity. My Refresh Color Depositing Conditioner has a Blue Mystique, and Purple Raven, a blue-based purple. The color stays in your hair for up to 25 washes. It works better on lighter hair, however, to increase pigmentation, you can apply it to dry hair. 

Hally. If you just want color for a day or a night out check out Hally Shade Stix. They have three limited edition Barbie + Hally Temporary Hair Color Sets ($16.) that are magenta, blue, and purple. Each set has a different hair accessory, such as hair gems or clip-in tinsel. They also carry pink blue and purple as a part of their regular Shade Stix line. ($10). Using the Mascara wand included in the product, you apply the color on your hair and it washes out the next time you wash your hair. That makes it a great way for you to have some fun with your hair color, like Weird Barbie, but not have to dye your hair permanently.

Mermade Hair. This Australian brand has two kits for Barbie lovers. Both have 50 hair gems, a satin zebra print hair scarf (baby pink and hot pink) with Barbie on it, and last but not least, 6 no crease clips. The Barbie Waver Kit has a 1″ mini hair waver while the Barbie Blowout Kit has a 3.2″ blow dry brush. While I personally love blow-dry brushes to shape by bangs, I love how they have a satin scarf with baby pink and hot pink. I thought it was very forward-thinking as many brands are releasing clothing items with these two colors, because of Barbie, so it will match a lot of items that are being sold by retailers

Barbie-core is the most popular trend this summer and I hope I was able to help you find some brands/items that you were looking for. The most important this in Barbie-core is to feel comfortable with yourself and remember what Barbie says, “You’re beautiful.”

I love writing about beauty, entertainment, fashion and accessories and more. I love musicals, singing, movies and all things beauty including hair! I've acted in movies, sung opera and won pageants. I also write fiction and many of my stories have been featured in anthologies.