10 Things I Wish I Had While Studying Abroad

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After studying abroad for a semester, looking back I can see that there were a few things I should have packed in my suitcase before arriving in Europe. Some items I found were very hard to find abroad and many cost much more in other countries. Don’t forget to pack these essentials when you embark on your study abroad adventure!

1. A Portable Charger: In case you need a back up charger when you're out and about.

2. Dry Shampoo: For short excursions and days when you are running late to class.3. Safety Button: Wearsafe’s personal safety button helps to keep you safe on all of your studying abroad traveling adventures! It will instantly contact you to your emergency contacts and also features a private group chat with those within your own network to make sure you are okay.

4. A Journal: To document your journey, of course! It becomes a place to add pictures and store all of your sight seeing brochures and tickets.5. American & Over-the-Counter Meds: Just in case you can’t find what you’re looking for at the pharmacy! I wish I had brought enough Advil for my stay...

6. An Umbrella: For rainy days...

7. Face Wipes: A midday pick me up that's live-saving when you’re traveling! Who really wants to backpack around with a 7 ounce facial cleaner?

8. A Bathing Suit: You never know when you’ll take that last minute trip to the beach!9. A Water Bottle: It's actually pretty hard to find in europe. I had to keep buying plastic water bottles wherever I went.

10. A Lock: To keep your belongings safe at hostels and at your university gym.Now since you have a clearer idea on what you should bring...your study abroad adventure awaits! You could win an adventure of a lifetime by entering Wearsafe’s Giveaway! All you have to do is tell Wearsafe something you have always dreamed of doing with the hashtag #WearsafeAdventure. They will pick one winner and a friend to receive an all paid adventure of a lifetime! How awesome would that be!? Find out more information about the giveaway here