Why I Decided to Take a Break From Dating

Why I Decided to Take a Break From Dating 

As a woman in my twenties who was tired of feeling insecure thanks to many failed relationships, I have decided to take a break from dating and this is why you should too!


In college, it is almost, if not entirely, impossible to find the right guy. At a small school, such as mine, the selection of guys is limited and nice, respectable men that you would want to take home to meet your parents are far and few between. When was the last time you met a guy out at a party and actually thought, wow I could really see myself with him; probably never because let’s face it, who in their right mind can see themselves with a guy who just slammed a full beer onto his forehead while screaming, “Saturdays are for the boys!” Also, have you ever been in the inside of a boy’s dorm. YUCK!


I shouldn't forget to mention the incredible damage these boys have done to myself esteem. After having multiple guys in a row tell me how lucky they are to know me and then dump me a few days later, it has sent my self-esteem straight into a toilet. This past year, I had a guy flat out tell me he loves me and take it back four days later. There couldn't have possibly been anything that I did in that four-day span that made him change his mind about me other than the fact that he sucks but that is beside the point. I felt like a huge pile of trash after that. I am tired of feeling sad, lonely, ugly, pathetic, boring, and a whole list of other names just because boys at our age are unable to commit. I never believed in the saying how can somebody else love you if you don’t love yourself first, until now. I need to learn to be fully confident in myself and open my heart to myself before I can open my heart up to a man.


A smaller yet just as important reason is the newest bop from my queen, Ariana Grande. “Thank u, next,” has literally been the only song I have listened since it was released a few weeks ago. Aside from being one of the catchiest songs around, it has made me realize that instead of dwelling in my failure of a love life, I should embrace it and thank the men who taught me love, patience, and pain. It also taught me that if Ariana Grande, a known serial dater, can take a break from the dating world, then so can I. So, thank you Ariana Grande for teaching me that my past is not something I should constantly be upset about but something I should embrace in order to become better and more comfortable with being single.


And can we just talk about how boys literally do not know what they want at this age??? Is it just me or is the back and forth of “talking” to a guy the most annoying thing on the planet! I mean what even is, “talking?” And let’s not forget the infamous, “we should be exclusive,” line. So, you’re not hooking up with anyone else and I’m not hooking up with anyone else, and everyone knows we’re together, and we literally spend all of our time together but we’re not dating???? It is by far one of the most confusing things us girls have to deal with at this age! What is the problem with a label when you’re doing everything a couple with a label is doing? So frustrating!!! I always say that guys are notorious for pushing away when they catch feelings which is why they ghost the heck out of us. So don't take it personally and it is okay to be pissed. 


So, there you have it. That is why I have decided to take a break from the world of dating. I know there is somebody out there for me but in the mean-time, I’m doing mighty fine on my own. (: