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Why don’t we know more about Kylie Jenner’s new baby?

By Elizabeth Ednie

If you haven’t been living under a rock and follow any of the Kardashian sisters, or momager, Kris Jenner on Instagram, you would know that Kylie Jenner had her second baby with Travis Scott on February 2, 2022, four years and one day apart from older sister, Stormi. 

What I cannot stand about some of the Kardashians, and don’t get me wrong, I watched their show religiously when it was on E!, is that they can’t just release details like the name and gender of a new baby until weeks after birth. Kylie already kept her pregnancies a secret for different amounts of time which is fine, I get that she wanted that part of her life to be private, but when you post a photo of the baby and not say the name it really gets under my skin. 

She has over 300 million followers who all want to know the baby’s name and the gender, and even though her caption on her photo was a blue heart with the baby’s birth date, that might not even indicate the gender. But who knows with the Kardashians. They do all of this for PR reasons and for publicity, which is understandable in some circumstances, but god forbid you say your baby’s name after its born. Isn’t that what normal people do after they give birth? 

There have been rumors of the baby’s name and gender, of course, since she hasn’t announced it, and doesn’t look like she will anytime soon. People are saying that it’s a boy because of the blue heart, which could be obvious, but it’s also not certain because colors don’t always indicate gender of a new baby. People are also saying that this baby’s name is Angel because of the birthdate being “angel numbers” and based on what family members commented on Kylie’s post. Kim, Kris, and others all used the angel emoji, signifying that the baby’s name might be Angel. Photos were also shared from Kylie’s baby shower with symbols of angels in the decor, along with guests wearing white to the party. But that could just be the vibe Kylie was going for. Who knows.  

At the end of the day, I’m not mad at the fact that she hasn’t given us the details, what I’m mad about is that she posted the photo and hasn’t been active to tell her followers when she might release the name. I understand that having a new baby along with a toddler is a lot to handle, but this “self-made” billionaire definitely has the help of chefs, nannies, housekeepers, and assistants to give her a helping hand when she needs it. The least she could do is update her fans, because at the end of the day everyone is excited for her and happy about her new addition and literally JUST wants to know the name of the baby since all of the Kar-Jenner babies have unique names. After she releases the name and the gender and maybe another photo, I will go on with my life and be done complaining. But until that happens, I will continue to be salty about not knowing the baby’s name. 

*disclaimer: I wrote this article on Wednesday, February 9 and Kylie announced the name on that Friday on the 11th. We know the name now, (Wolf Webster) but I was still frustrated not knowing for days after she gave birth. It will take me a bit to get used to the name, but like all of the KarJenner babies, they all end up growing on me.

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, I am a junior at Stonehill College in Easton, MA studying Communication and Journalism. I am from Cape Cod, MA, I love writing and expressing myself using words and HerCampus is a great way to do just that!
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