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What Your Disney Crush Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

What Your Disney Prince Crush Says About You…


Whether you were swept away by his magic carpet or his immeasurably luscious voice, you are most likely a romantic with an insatiable desire for adventure. Not only is this hunk almost constantly shirtless, but he’s also extremely cultured, ambitious, and intelligent. What’s not to love? This guy can show you the world!


Or should I say Hunk-ules. I dare you to find a flaw in this guy, huge muscles, and an even bigger heart! You are most likely attracted to strength and power, and don’t mind those shirtless Instagram gym pics…but on the flip side, you also want a guy who’ll give up the heavens for you and is totally devoted. And Herc makes it pretty clear; he’ll go the distance!


You didn’t watch the end of Frozen.

Prince Eric

Let’s be honest, who didn’t fall for this blue-eyed, determined, mysterious captain? Eric is a classy, soft-spoken man who knows what he wants, and won’t stop until he has it. He’s not too judgmental either, judging by the fact that he did go after a seemingly mute, random redhead he found on the beach, who also seems to be silverware-inept. If Eric caught your heart, you most likely go after the quiet, sweet type, who will always support you and, above all else, just wants to be part of your world. (Sea what I did there).


Was anyone immune to this jungle beauty’s charm? Talk about a mystery, this unexplainably handsome hunk roams the jungle barely clothed and ridiculously buff. Try and tell me those aren’t two things you look for in a man. If your heart beat for this jungle jock, you are most likely a person who craves adventure, and welcomes a challenge. You probably dig mysteries (like how someone raised completely by apes has no beard and inexplicably knows the English language), and want a man who’s strong and independent! Tarzan’s tough, and I ain’t monkeyin’ around!

Li Shang

Handsome, strong, sensitive and has a sexy voice? It’s clear, Li Shang is a [guy] worth fighting for! Although it was kind of weird that he married someone he originally thought was a man, it is obvious Shang looks past appearances and goes after the soul within. If you had feelings for this fine Chinese masterpiece, you are probably attracted to someone who is hard working, polite, and sensitive to your needs.

Prince Charming

You want a man to go shoe shopping with.  

Kassie is currently a junior studying marketing at Stoneill College. She loves green tea, popcorn and her dog, Pumpkin.