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What We Know About The Orginals Spinoff: Legacies



If you were a die-hard Vampire Diaries fan like me than you were thrilled to hear about the spin-off The Originals. And now that The Originals have ended we are even more thrilled about the new spin-off that just aired this past Thursday on the CW called Legacies. Legacies is all based on Klaus Mikkelson’s daughter Hope who is a tri-bred (witch, vampire, werewolf). It follows her life at the Salvator Boarding School along with some other familiar faces. The show also has Alaric Sultzmen and Matt Donavan who are also the main characters from TVD. The first episode was a whirlwind and we can’t help but want more. There are so many questions and so many new faces that we can’t wait to discover. 

1. Alaric and Joe’s twin witch daughters are all grown up. Lizzie gained qualities from joe’s bloodline that when she gets mad her powers overtake her body and she throws huge supernatural tantrums. Josie the other sister is going through a tough break-up with a former girlfriend but has a new love interest that her twin sister is also after. 2. There is a new character named Rafael who Hope saved during his first transition into a werewolf. Hope took him back to the boarding school where both Lizzie and Josie swooned him

3. Landon, Hopes love interest from The Original is BACK. He witnesses the supernatural that is occurring at the boarding school and is then compelled but it doesn’t work. They wait it out and try again but he fakes being compelled and leaves, stealing one of the magical knives that are stored in the boarding school. This just means one thing. Humans that cannot be compelled are yup… just as we thought…not human. So further on in the show Josie and Hope do dark magic to see Landon escaping and it just so happens that this sword made a bus have a “chemical reaction” and everyone on the bus was killed and fried into pieces. So what is it about Landon? and what is it about this sword?

4. Hope is in a state where she is still grieving over the loss of her family. She sees that everyone around her dies causing her not to get close to anyone. Hope has avoided all possibilities of making friends and her only “friend” is Alaric. She got close to Landon and now look what happened.


So now this is what I want to know…

Where is Caroline??? Where are Rebekah, Kole, and Freya???

What is the deal with Landon and how didn’t we know until now that he is supernatural??

What is going to happen between Josie and Lizzie when they both find out they each other wants Rafael??


I miss Klaus and Damon and Stefan and Elena but couldn’t be happier that we have Hope.

I need Thursday ASAP.




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