Wedding Guest Etiquette

It’s wedding season!

Did you ever use to watch “Four Weddings” on TLC and then think of your dream wedding or was that just me? Okay probably just me.

I know most of you aren’t getting married anytime soon, including me, but it is always fun to attend a wedding as a guest.

Last week I attended my cousin’s wedding and it was beautiful and so much fun! It was the first wedding I had ever attended so I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to share with you some wedding guest etiquette tips.

  1. RSVP on time. It will just make it easier for the person planning the wedding.
  2. For girls, shop in advance and have options. There are usually dress codes. For example, black tie, beach formal, or causal.
  3. Be on time for the ceremony! This is not your day, so they aren’t going to wait on you.
  4. Bring tissues, your going to need them, especially if you are an emotional person.
  5. Have fun! Eat, drink, and dance your night away. Celebrate your loved ones and/or friends