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The Weather is Warming Up… Here Are Some Fun Ways to Enjoy it!

          With the weather getting warmer and summer quickly approaching, it is the best time to be outside! Especially with the stress of wrapping up the spring semester, spending some time outdoors, by yourself or with your friends and family, is the perfect stress reliever. Here are some fun ways to soak up the sun and enjoy some time outside...

Exercise outside: 

          I LOVE exercising outside! It’s so much more enjoyable to me than working out at the gym or doing an at-home workout. It’s so lovely to be able to breathe in fresh air from the outdoors during a workout. There are so many ways to be active outside. You could go for a walk or run, play sports outside with your friends, do some yoga outside, and so much more.  

Dining outdoors: 

          One of my favorite things to do when the weather gets warmer is to go to restaurants and eat outside if the restaurant has outdoor seating or an outdoor patio. Schedule a lunch date with one of your friends and sit outside and chat while you enjoy your meal! 

Have a picnic:

          A fun and cute way to spend time outside and enjoy the sun is to go on a picnic! Text your friends, pack some snacks, and go on an adventure to find the perfect picnic spot. There’s nothing like a picnic on a sunny day.

Go for a hike:

          Going for a hike is another great way to enjoy the weather and a fun way to get in a workout while being outside. A quick Google search can help you find great places to go hiking in your local area.

Have a photoshoot with your friends: 

          Put on your favorite spring outfit and go on a photoshoot adventure with your friends! This is a fun way to spend time outside with your friends and the perfect way to show off your favorite springy outfit. 

Spend time outside with your pet:

          Pets love the warm weather too! If you have pets, you could take them for a walk outside or even just sit in your yard and play with them. Especially with the stress of finals, spending time with your pets is always a great stress reliever. Who can be sad around a happy and smiling pet?

Take a drive by the beach:

          I live by the beach, so one of my favorite things to do when summer starts approaching is take a drive by the beach and park my car where it’s overlooking the ocean. I find this to be really relaxing and a great stress reliever. 


          To all of the Stonehill Her Campus readers, I wish you a happy and healthy summer! It’s hard for me to believe that when I return to Stonehill in the fall, I will be a SENIOR (trying not to panic)! I’m looking forward to spending this summer at home with my family and friends before returning for my senior year. Till next semester... adios for now! 

Hi! My name is Natalie and I am a senior at Stonehill College pursuing a Marketing and Communication double major. I also have a passion for graphic design and creative writing!
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