Transitioning from FL to MA

Stereotypically, every student aims for colleges away from home for independence, but with that often comes new climates, culture norms, and pastimes. At Stonehill especially every upperclassmen, teacher, friend, and advisor will check in and ask how your adjustment is going. And I felt fine! I have friends here, a lunch group, manageable classes for my major, and I am enjoying my weekends and campus events. What snuck up on me quickly as the sun set each day was the first major difference between hometown and college town: climate. I have lived in Florida since I was a toddler and, let me tell you, anything below 85 degrees Farenheight IS COLD! So, why did I think I could handle Massachusetts blizzards is beyond me. All I know is my first couple weeks of college, when the temperature was already a chilly 55 degrees at night, I was seriously reconsidering my decision. I thought to myself every night when I was cold with a hoodie on and my friends were comfortable in T- shirts if I was really cut out for this. Maybe I should have stayed where I belonged- where everyone worked on ‘island time’ and you could get sun poisoning from a couple hours outside. In a few days though, I finally reached out to my friends who helped me hone the art of layering. While the weather may seem minor, reaching out for a little support during one of my many transitions to come throughout my four years has already made a hugely positively impact on my college experience.