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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

As the fall semester begins to settle in, new stresses, routines, and environments can be overwhelming. Now going into my senior year, I wanted to share a few ways that have helped me transition back into school more smoothly.

  • Push yourself to try that activity or hobby you have always wanted to get more into
    • One of the best things I did for myself was beginning to go to yoga classes routinely in my sophomore year. I had always loved yoga, but had never gone consistently. Pushing myself to go to a yoga class 2-3 times a week helped my mental and physical health tremendously.
    • As someone who had always had an interest in art, I decided to push myself again by taking a watercolor class on campus. Challenging yourself to take that leap to do something you have always wanted to do can be so freeing, and it can open up even more doors for yourself.
  • Establish a daily and weekly routine
    • Having a rough idea of what your “to-dos” are for the week written down has helped me to be able to relax and stops my mind from continually racing. I like to make a class schedule like this one (Free College Schedule Maker – Plan Weekly Studies and Activities) to help visualize what my typical week looks like. I like to have an agenda to write down assignments, workout days, and any other important dates. I also try to go to bed at the same time during the weeknights to ensure I’m getting enough sleep to feel my best.
  • Keep a clean and organized space
    • Keeping a clean and organized space is not only crucial in small dorm rooms, but also because it helps with our mental clarity. By having a tidy environment, I have felt better mentally and more productive.
  • Connect with family and friends
    • Although the semester always flies by, actively connecting with family and friends can help us feel more grounded when stress begins to build up. Knowing that you have people who care for you and support you is so important!
  • Get outside
    • Whether it be a HGW, a hike, doing some homework, or sitting with friends, getting some fresh air can give you a little recharge and refresh. Being in nature also reduces our body’s cortisone levels!
  • Practice selfcare
    • Whatever selfcare means to you, do it! I enjoy doing journaling, my skincare routine, my makeup, painting my nails, reading my favorite book, and listening to music. Making time for the little things that bring you joy can help increase your overall happiness so much!

 I hope these tips spark your happiness hunt, and I wish you a great semester!

Abbie is a junior at Stonehill College and is from Onset, Massachusetts. She is majoring in Business Management and minoring in Communication. She plans to one day work in Human Resources. Aside from writing articles, Abbie loves skiing, boat days, yoga, and adventures!