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Team Swag Still Winless After Slow Start to Season

Team Swag took on the Wolfpuppies II and lost 31-28.  Team Swag was down several key players including Allie Smith, Amanda Steverman, and Gibby Gibson.  Their lack of presence really hurt the team in the final minutes of the game. The games Honey Badger award went to Sarah Courtney, who was the teams sole point guard of the game, for using her impressive ball handling skills to get the ball down the court during a intimidating press used by the Wolfpuppies II. A new award was also introduced tonight: the Coach Award. This award is given to the player who was an outstanding coaching figure during the game and yelled the most basketball jargon throughout the night. The award went to Megan Ann Fontaine, who was a strong influence on the sidelines.“I think our team was a little sleepy…and full.  It was vegetarian burrito night after all,” Fontaine said.Team Swag’s next game is Wednesday at 7:30 against tied for first Ball Busters.  Come support the team and watch them continue to make memories week after week.  


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