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Stuff To Do Before the End of the Semester!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

Finals and the end of the semester can be stressful so here are a few things you must do before it ends! 


-Hike one of the nature walks around campus as a de-stressor

-Watch a sunset (or sunrise) from Donahue

-Get up (a little earlier than normal) and splurge at the Farmers Daughter

-Take a much necessary nap or two

-Try a new type of coffee at dunkin or starbucks

-Go out to dinner with your friends (or house) before everyone leaves

-Buy cheap seats for the next Red Sox game

-Pull an all nighter to cram for your last exam!

-Pull an all nighter to hang out with your bffs 

-Pack up your room!!

-Give your RA a big hug for putting up with you for a full year

-Pop champagne after your last final ~ you did it!