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Songs to Make You Feel Like You’re in a Coming of Age Movie

As a way to pass time during my never-ending days stuck in quarantine, I’ve found myself reverting back to the same coming of age movies. The plotlines are always the same, the new girl at school doesn’t fit in, two polar opposites somehow find love, but something about the cheesiness and predictability of these films draws me in every time.  If you’re looking to feel something again and be the star in your own coming of age movie, give these songs a try!

For the opening credits

“Human” by The Killers

“Soul No. 5” by Caroline Ross

“Pretty Face” by PUBLIC

The Moment of Rebellion 

“Green Light” by Lorde

“Relimerence” by The Happy Fits

“Once In My Life” by The Decemberists

When Life is Good

“Let Me In” by Grouplove

“Someone To You” by BANNERS

“Let Your Love Flow” by The Bellamy Brothers

The Love Interest Begins

“From Eden” by Hozier

“Fine Line” Harry Styles

“Love It If We Made it” by The 1975

The Moment of Self-Discovery 

“Freakin’ Out On The Interstate” by Briston Maroney

“Wait” by M85

“Talia” by King Princess

End Credits

“All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers

“I’ve Lived” by OneRepublic

“Ribs” by Lorde


For easier listening, make sure to check out my Spotify playlist!


Megan Swezey

Stonehill '24

Meg is currently a sophmore at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. Aside from writing, she has equal obsessions with dancing, hiking, sushi, jean jackets, Spotify playlists, and her two cute pups. Peace out!
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