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Six Things You’ll Miss About Stonehill When You Go Abroad

Somewhere in between your trip to the Almafi Coast and surfing in Australia you begin to miss the familiar things about home, especially these six things you never thought you’d miss about Stonehill

1. The “long” walk from the Heights to the Science Center (and the equally long walk from 17 to just about anywhere)

Although walking anywhere on campus can feel like you’re trekking through Siberia these days, the 6 minute walk to the Science Center isn’t really all that long. The typical walk to class abroad usually includes taking public transportation and a great deal of walking through busy streets. Oh, and there’s no Dunks at the end of your travels, either.

2. The Commons food

The Commons and the Hill may not be your moms home cooking, but believe me it beats actually having to make three meals a day for yourself. It’s ready when you get there and you pay for it on your HillCard, which technically doesn’t even feel like real money (thanks mom & dad).

3. Living in on-campus housing

Study abroad apartments can be located all over big cities, or you could be in a homestay far away from the friends that you’ve made. At Stonehill you have a whole campus of friends no more than a 10 minute walk away. And the cleaning services are better than the minimal effort you put into your apartment abroad, too. 

4. Knowing 90% of the students at the bar with you

Going abroad is a time to meet new friends, break out of your comfort zone, and go to amazing bars and restaurants in places you never dreamed you’d see. But sometimes you just really need to go to Owen’s, have an overpriced beer and be with 100 of your closest friends. 

5. The excess of Donohue Instagrams

Stonehill is actually really pretty and you realize you didn’t fully appreciate it until you left. And looking at those cherry blossoms can actually make you happier being in class on a sunny day. Seeing them abroad, however, will just make you homesick.

6. People knowing all about Stonehill (or at least where it’s located)

When you’re in London, Prague, New Zealand or really anywhere outside of New England, you won’t run into a lot of people who know where Stonehill is. And that’s sad, because you love Stonehill, and that place is your home. 

Kassie is currently a junior studying marketing at Stoneill College. She loves green tea, popcorn and her dog, Pumpkin. 
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