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Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Signs you’re in a toxic relationship. 

  1. They tell you who you can and cannot talk to 
  2. They try to control your social media, what you can and cannot post 
  3. They get angry with you when you hangout with your friends or go out
  4. They lie to you, or hide things from you 
  5. They get jealous easily and their jealousy leads to anger or passive aggressiveness 
  6. They make you feel insecure
  7. They never accept responsibility 
  8. Physical and emotional abuse 


Hard advice you need to hear. It is very hard to accept that you are in a toxic relationship, especially if you are in love. And accepting it is only half the battle. Once you have realized your relationship is having a negative impact on your life and your happiness, you need to end it. You need to stop making excuses for the other person and give yourself a chance to be happy on your own.

Help and support from your family and friends will make this process a lot easier. It is important to keep yourself busy once ending a serious relationship, don’t dwell on the good times you had but accept that those are good memories you can cherish as you move onto the next chapter of your life. 


Life is short and you must surround yourself with people who bring only light and positivity into it. 

Kendall Fressle

Stonehill '22

Health Science Major Stonehill College Lacrosse #7
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