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Seniors Celebrate 100 Days

On Friday night the senior class took to the Commons to celebrate 100 days until graduation. The dueling pianos were certainly the highlight of the night, as the 2 pianists and drummer provided excellent entertainment for the senior class.The quiet caf has certainly never seen such action, as crowd favorites such as “Love Shack”, “Wannabe” and “I Will Survive” were belted with much enthusiasm.“Grease Lightning or Summer Loving were probably my favorite songs of the night,” senior Katherine McDonough said. “I could have done with a few more tunes from Footloose, but other than that, I really have no complaints. The pianos played Whitney Houston right at the beginning of the night, so that obviously made up for the lack of Footloose,”Past Campus Cuties and Celebrities tore up the dance floor until 1 AM. Special recognition goes out to PCC’s (past campus cuties) Katie Gibson and Megan Fontaine for their superb dance moves, as well as Lauren Bonagura, for one of the most riveting performances of “Love Shack” this campus has ever seen.

Kate McCarthy is  a senior at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. She is a Communications major and a journalism minor. Although she does not know what she wants to do when she graduates, her dream job is having her own talk show and becoming a one woman sensation, like Oprah. At Stonehill, you can find her  winning championships with her intramural basketball team, swimming laps in O'Hara Pond or reading James Patterson novels in the cafeteria. After a semester studying abroad in the Czech Republic, her main goal in life is to travel the world. She is currently interning in Los Angeles, at the Queen Latifah show.
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