Sam McCarthy & Beachin’ Canvases

Attention all, I have some very important information to share with you all. One of my closest friends has started her very own business and I know you’ll all love it!  Miss Samantha McCarthy runs Beach Canvases; Beachin' Canvases is a collection of handmade stained and painted canvases that are absolutely adorable and make the perfect addition to any dorm room. I took the time to ask her some questions about her and her business!


Name: Sam McCarthy

Year: 2018

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

Fun Fact: I was once stung by a poisonous jellyfish while I was in Mexico.



What made you start your own business?

I was making canvases as a hobby and decided I wanted to start selling them for money. It was a fun way for me to make some quick cash while doing something that I love and have a passion for.


What was the moment that you realized you could sell your art?

I was helping out my best friends create crafts for Big/Little events and they suggested that I should start selling them to other girls in sororities that aren’t so crafty.


What has been your favorite piece so far?

The rope/wood Mermaid I created, it’s a very detailed piece that is unique to my other pieces.

Where do you find inspiration? 

Vintage Beach shops/ Pinterest/ Etsy/ Homegoods


Do you listen to music while crafting? Yes

Can we follow you on spotify?? samkathmcc


We noticed you spent the past semester in London; do you think living there helped you with your art?

Yes living there gave me an abundance of inspiration; there were tons of Modern art museums that I visited weekly. The Tate Museum was my favorite place to search for inspiration.


What is one piece of advice for anyone looking to sell their artwork or crafts…

Make sure you market yourself and your business.  Social media does wonders to get your word out there. You also want to have a good amount of content/pictures to help give people a visual of the art you are creating.


How can one purchase a piece of your beautiful work?

DM me on Instagram or Facebook!



If you could be an animal for a day what would you be? A white golden retriever so I could be friends with mulligan and play all day. obvi

What is one food you could live without? I would have to say kelp; it’s nasty.

What is your favorite thing about Stonehill? My friends/ teammates

Do you think Mulligan will someday become famous? Obviously

If you could describe yourself as a fruit, would you say you were? A strawberry, squishy on the outside and in the inside.


So if anyone is interested in buying anything from Beachin' Canvases, you can contact Sam through her facebook or instagrams!!


Instagram: @beachin_canvases OR @samccar

Facebook: Samantha McCarthy