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Ryan Chieffo: Campus Cutie Alert!

We all know McDreamy. And we all know McSteamy. Well…let me now introduce you to Ryan Chieffo. Or most of you know him around campus as just Chieffo. His gf is probably going to shoot me for writing this or ill get her typical “I hate you” text for my love for Ryan (Hi Julia) but I just want to share how great he is to the entire world. Ryan dates my former roommate Julia who happens to be my best friend. Therefore Ryan technically dates me too. Lmao sorry, Julia again. Ryan has taken care of me a multiple times-whether I am piss drunk making a fool of myself or crying over a stupid boy, he is always there which leads into my explanation on how great of a guy he is. There is no one more genuine, charismatic, kind, and a gentleman than the Ryan Chieffo. Captian of the soccer team, another Deerfield boy, huge fan of the premier league (yes he had to teach me what that is), world traveler, dabbles in the Spanish language, Italian, sushi fanatic, and an amazing boyfriend to my bff. To let the world know a little more about him I asked Ryan some questions….

Where are you from?

North Haven, CT

What’s your major?


How long have you played soccer for?

17 years (damn ryan)

What’s your favorite thing about being on the soccer team?

Having my boys

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

A lion because they are king of the jungle

Can you describe your perfect date?

Going on a romantic boat ride in the sunset and having a nice dinner on the water (awwwww)

Single or taken?

Taken (@juliaduplin)

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend at stonehill?

Going to the Beanery Sunday morning (very different from roommate Trevor who likes kicking people out of their house-this is why we love Ryan more)

What’s your favorite meal at the commons?

More of a Gigi’s guy now

Beach or pool or lake?


Dog or cat?


Would you ever be a contestant on the bachelor? Bachelor in paradise?

No (I’m taken) —good answer, see Julia I got your back

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and who would you live with?

Somewhere warm, maybe tropical and with my family (I’m a family guy)

if you’re stranded on an island what would be the only food you would bring to eat?

Italian Bread 

Plans after graduation?

Become a cop 


There you have it ladies and gents. My guy! or Julia’s guy!!! Catch Ryan on Skyhawk Field for his soccer games, Gigi’s or in Deerfield in the senior courts. I swear he will let you into the house, unlike Trevor. 


Marissa Bazzano

Stonehill '20

Student at Stonehill College from Hartford Connecticut.
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