Reasons Why Dan Humphrey Sucks

We all know, and love, the popular show Gossip Girl. The crazy lives of Manhattan’s elite are detailed through their extravagant scandals and wild lifestyle. But one character falls short of any kind of exciting life at all: Daniel Humphrey. The ‘lonely boy’, the lusting academic who wins the heart of the main broad with his Brooklyn wit and charm. While some might see this as charming, others will just cringe at the thought of him looking at you. Although we usually route for the underdog, Dan is just someone we can’t see ourselves getting behind.   

(Warning Gossip Girl spoilers ahead)


  • He’s creepy: like stalker creepy.

We all had our suspicions, Gossip Girl is Dorota, Chuck, Jack Bass, some even thought Blair. But no, Gossip Girl is the man himself, Daniel Humphrey. It would have made more sense if it was Dorota, or someone of the sort, because they are at least insiders. But Dan! Dan has been stalking these poor people since like 2008. He’s been collecting pictures, scandals, and other taboos to use against others. Was this a ploy to get them to like him, to manipulate them into notice him, or is he just that creepy.  


  • He exploited his sister.   

Poor little J. Dan’s own sister wasn’t even safe from the crossfire. She was one of his worst targets. He exploited her for hooking up with Chuck, and almost being sexually aasaulted by him. He even went as far as tracking her “downfall”, when she became goth and weird. He tracked her outfits, and scandals, and bad behavior that ultimately drove her away. But hey, it was all for the blog right? No, it was just his own bizarre personal agenda that sabotaged his poor little sister.  


  • He ruined several relationships.

Not only did he expose people’s personal lives, but he also leaked information purposely for breaking up purposes! Example: Nate and Blair. Dan, being around the squad at school and dating Serena, knew that Blair and Chuck hooked up but Blair still didn’t want anything to do with him. She wanted to be with Nate. Even though Chair is our fave couple now, imagine if Dan had stayed out of it? All the drama would have been avoided and fights would not fly. That’s just ONE of many examples of this. Ruining people’s lives for the sake of ruining them!  


  • He watched his FATHER and his EX have sex.  

I’m sure we all remember Ivy, Dan’s ex and creepy weird cousin/stealer who even knows, but do you remember when Dan walked in on her and his dad! It was so bizarre. And he just stood there. And watched. Like what. I just don’t even know.


  • He dated his ex-girlfriends bestie.

By far the cringiest relationship of the show, Dan and Blair. If Dan hadn’t done enough already to Serena, like expose her for her money etc., he went on and dated her BFF and his former enemy! Like everyone expected, it didn’t last long, but still it happened. It’s just another thing we all forget about. All the things Dan had done to expose Blair and ruin her life; maybe it was his ‘feelings’ that made him expose her.  


Well if you’re still not convinced, just search google for “Dan Humphrey ugly”  

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